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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi, sacrificed an old bar (brown/white) for the stamp mold. And just an end cut to test it out. You can see. It took me a couple of bars to get it looking correct. Not sure how long to cure these?? They are not 48 hours old. And rock hard. Cannot see these taking a year to cure. Will test a...
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi everybody. Here is how I made the stamp. Fix a lot of things, with JBWeld. Thanks for looking.
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    Soda ash inside loaf?

    15 dozen?? Well in that case, if not mentioned. Then "Design Enhancement". No charge.😎
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi. Had this project in the works. Started reading Zany s thread. And it mentioned Aleppo soap being made with seawater. Didn't like slime I saw in review video's. So thought I would give it a try. Mmmm, greenish oob. But yes, it is on the light side. Maybe if I had used a higher percentage...
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    Soda ash inside loaf?

    Remake using knowledge just gained. For perfection. And put these in the bargain bin. Money is made from return customer.
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    Aleppo tribute soap...

    Hi everybody. Finally made my Aleppo soap. 80 % olive oil, 20% laurel berry oil. Used ZNSC recipe. Just with 20% Laurel Berry oil. Worked perfect. Forced gel. Cut @ 20 hours. It's Hard! man. Diy stamp. 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 blocks. Smells awesome. Stamp says "made by hand" in Arabic. Used an online...
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    Soap Cutters

    Hi, I've been cutting bars at 1 1/4. And will order in that size. When the time comes. One inch always seemed thin. ( Hoping for a multi wire cutter. Under the tree 🎄 this year. )
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    Hot Stuff!

    Is this the 25lb batch?? Not made any batches that large. But shear volume may be in play. Recipe also. Gel? Have you looked? what temperature is it??
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    Halloween soaps?

    do "pumps" go with a beard?? anyone tries to look up my dress. I'll slug emmm..... (nice soaps by the way) :cool:
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Built some new molds. 3x4.25x16, 6x4.25x16. Getting 12, 1.25 thick bars from each loaf. Always smushing tops with my old ones. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi I'm Jennifer

    Run, run as fast as you can. For if you take one more step. You'll be lost in the soapzone for everrrrrr........😎. Oh, ya, welcome by the way.
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    Finally experienced false trace, and ended up with white spots.

    mmmmm, grated is not "melted'. Other questions. Any fragrance? (false trace or ricing maybe?) You mentioned globbing up at pouring. My false traces have been up front. When first mixing lye with oils. Wire cutter? they can cause tiny spots similar to steric. Just thinking out loud. Just a...
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    Red Palm butter....

    Hi, Only used palm oil @ 15%. Found mine at a local food coop. Thanks everybody.
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    Red Palm butter....

    Hello everybody. Used up last of Red Palm. Also added apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, Cocoa butter. Thanks for looking.
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    Used fry oil soap....

    Hi, do notice a bit of fry oil "smell" now. But not anything over powering. recipe I used: Fry oil 50% (I used canola in calculator) Coconut Oil 30% Cocoa Butter 15% Castor Oil 5% Added 4 oz.. Almond milk as part of liquid. Added Cherry Almond FO Tried to give a chance of being a good bar of...
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    Curing round soaps

    Any wedge shaped items. Either side will do. I use strips of cardboard. Even a chopstick will do.
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    Magnetic soap holders

    Just wait long enough. Someone will come up with.......Anti gravity soap dishes. How about magnets in soap. That way any metal shelf would do. Dos?? Just use enough orange mica. 🙄
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    On the drawing board

    hi, pot looks like enamel over steel. I have enamel camping cook ware. like this one.
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    Mashed, no crock, with a plop....

    Thank you. Zany. I have been using 1.5/1 for last hand full of batches. But blaming the acceleration on the new FO's, extra Cocoa butter in my recipes. But this recipe just took off! So, I have now retreated to my warm and cozy 1.7/1 concentration. Thank you again.
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    Aquarium tubing molds?

    Hi. Clear tubing, usually comes in rolls. The material has a memory. What ever size you use. Will try and curve back. Also being flexible. You imbeds will crack. I would use the rigid type. Distant planets? You'll have to post pics. Good luck.