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  1. Desirae

    Conditioner recipe

    Does anyone know have a good recipe there willing to share? My hair is very course and I want to try the all natural method and would like to try making a conditioner but don't know where to start on creating a recipe for making conditioner. ( yes this only be used on myself and no-one else)
  2. Desirae

    Formulating sun screen cream/after sun lotion

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been here, but I'm back with a question. I'm trying to create using different websites a sunscreen that is creamy enough to be squeezed out of a tube, but every one that i try it ends up being rock hard, ive even resuced the amount of beeswax but still end up...
  3. Desirae

    On the hunt for....

    So I've looked at the 4 sites I buy FO from and I can't find a few specific FOs anyone know where I can find them at, I've been to wsp, rustic escentuals, brambleberry and natures garden. I looking for a straight plum FO, nothing with not not plum with floral not plum with other fruits...
  4. Desirae

    Thinking about making shaving soap but have questions

    Good afternoon. I have a few questions. I've been making cp soap now for at few months at and my soap has been coming out perfect, my hubby loves it. Well this last weekend he asked me to make him some shaving soap to try, so on Sat I ordered from amazon a container of koh lye. The thread I...
  5. Desirae

    Successful & failures

    So my 1st real batch has hit its 4 week mark I used color and scent. And it came out perfect, my only problem stupid me can't find the recipe I used that I would love to make my permanent recipe, I got large bubbles smells great so now I have no clue what to do bc I can't find the recipe I do...
  6. Desirae

    Using apple cider in soap?

    So I was thinking what better way to bring in the cold weather season by making cp using apple cider instead of water. So has anyone else done this? Was it a successful in working? And most importantly if no fragrance oil is used can you smell the apple cider in the cured soap? I...
  7. Desirae

    Calamine lotion, can it be used in cp

    So really I have 2 questions but didn't want to bog the forum with 1 question after another, 1st one is easy for all you experts, 1.)can I use one of the food hydrater to help cure my soap faster, or put a family in the closet I use to put my soap in, the idea of curing is to basically dry...
  8. Desirae

    FRUSTRATED about the "correct way" to weigh

    I did a general search and didn't come across any threads that talk about this so maybe I'm the 1 st person to all this on here. So here it goes. ... What is the PROPER way to weigh out in ounces? I've read some recipes listed in grams some ounces, however there seems to be a controversy...
  9. Desirae

    Fats/butters supplementing have question

    If I'm posting in wrong area please forgive me, newhich here and still trying to find my way around. So I'm looking over different recipes for different bath and body products and I'm seeing more often then I like Amina fat oils, (lard/tallow) I like the idea of using the vegetable based oils...
  10. Desirae

    Help, bath bombs won't harden

    Good day ladies, my name is Desirae and I'm a newbie to the forum and to making bath bombs. I've done so much reading that my eye balls feel like there going to fall out, I've tried many recipes with no success. I've made at least 6 batches of BBQ & so fat not a single 1 has come out right...