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  1. naturemama

    Poppyseeds, anyone else have this trouble?

    I made some lemon scented soap and used poppyseeds. None of my soap leaves my home without it being tested out and my test didn't go so well. The poppyseeds scratched horribly. Of course, it was my first time using poppyseeds :roll: Has anyone else had this problem with poppyseeds before?
  2. naturemama

    Correction: ash prevention

    I sincerely apologize for my mistake to all soapers who may have read my post here and took it as sound advice. I made in error about the honey. It is, in fact, beeswax that is suppose to prevent ash from forming on soaps and not honey. I'm not exactly sure what book it is written in...
  3. naturemama

    Suppliers I Use and I'm Very Happy With
  4. naturemama

    Newbie: wanting to make candles

    I've purchased all the supplies, picked up a few books, I think I have all I need. I know nothing about making candles, don't want to do it for a future business or anything, just want to make them for my house or possibly gifts for friends (if I get good at it). My question is: can I use EO's...
  5. naturemama

    Help us grow!!!

    Where is the banner? :? I'd post it on my blog.
  6. naturemama

    Newbie from MN