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  1. Nyknits

    Olive oil help

    Hello soapers and knitters. Happy worldwide knit in public day! I have an olive oil question. I buy my olive, canola, coconut and avocado oils at Costco. Yesterday I noticed that the kirkland brand of oo states 15% evoo. I didn’t buy it because I wasn’t sure if that little bit might make a...
  2. Nyknits

    Brine soap. Messed up again!

    Hey everybody, I made my second attempt at a brine soap today. My first try, I totally forgot the fragrance. (face palm) The soap was fine, just not what I intended. Today, I forgot to add the salt to the lye water. I did the hot transfer method and added the salt as soon as I remembered. The...
  3. Nyknits

    I’m trying cocoa butter today

    Hello Everybody, I hope everyone is healthy. Whew boy, these past few months have been difficult. I’m soaping, knitting and bread baking myself silly. I knitted up some wonderful face cloths in Pima cotton to gift along with a bar of soap. I want to try a new recipe today. I have yet to use...
  4. Nyknits

    White spots in brine soap

    I have white spots all over this soap. They have olive, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils. I added sea salt and they are unscented. They’ve been curing for six weeks. Are they safe to use? Not pretty, but I tested the lather on one and it was nice. I figured I should ask before I continue to...
  5. Nyknits

    Oil prices

    Hello all, I’m continuing my soap making journey and trying as many recipes as I can. I started wanting to make gentle, unscented soaps for my family members that have skin issues. That didn’t last long. The creative outlet is a strong pull! I have a recipe using canola oil. I went to Costco and...
  6. Nyknits

    Amount of salt in soap

    Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to consistently soap once a week. I’m trying different recipes, additives etc. I was going to make a salt bar on Friday, but work got in the way and I had to put it off. The recipe I have is from soaping 101 80% coconut oil 15% olive, pomace 5% Shea butter The...
  7. Nyknits

    Thick trace

    Hello knitters & soapers, I made my 2nd batch of CP soap and realized that I suck at stick blending. Both batches were so thick, they poured like HP soap. I have to find that sweet spot. Any tips? I don’t seem to see the trails everyone else sees when they drizzle on top. I’ll keep practicing
  8. Nyknits

    I forgot my question...hello to all

    Hello everyone, last evening as I was writing plans in my bullet journal, I wrote “ ask the soapmaking forum”. Today, I have no idea what I wanted to ask. This shelter in place has me all upside down. I usually write very clear and very specific notes and I always know what day of the week it...
  9. Nyknits

    Soap saver or dish recommendations

    Happy leap day, everyone. I picked this soap saver up today. There’s 2 in a pack. Has anyone tried it? What does everyone use as a holder for their soaps?
  10. Nyknits

    I get suds while stick blending

    Hello everyone, I’ve only ever made hp soap and each time while stick blending, I get a lot of suds action happening. The soap comes out fine. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Thank you in advance.
  11. Nyknits

    Photos of my oats, milk & honey hp soap

    (This is my 5th batch. I think I’ll stick with the simpler recipes for a bit.) The recipe has olive, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils. In addition there’s coco butter, beeswax and I added 5 % shea butter after the cook. The essential oils are cardamom, ginger, orange and a touch of black...
  12. Nyknits

    I went a little crazy

    I made an oatmeal milk and honey soap yesterday. The recipe had olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, beeswax and coco butter. Also the shea butter, oatmeal, milk and honey. Let’s see how I like it. I think I forgot about keeping it simple. Lol
  13. Nyknits

    I gotta keep my head on straight

    I find myself going from topic to It’s all so interesting and inspiring. I want to make all the soaps. But, I do know it’s all in good time. Today I’m trying a goat’s milk soap with honey. I may add some oats on top for interest. I don’t hve any fragrance oils, just EO. Maybe...
  14. Nyknits

    Are butters effective in soap?

    Good morning from Long Island, NY! Hey everybody, I have taken the advice given and limited myself to simple soap recipes and one soaping process. I started with hot process at the end of May (I waited for the Mercury retrograde to be over) and have 4 batches under my belt. I’ve been handing...
  15. Nyknits

    My 3rd try and I’ve fallen hard!

    I made my 3rd hot processed soap this week. I just love it! I started wanting to help my family with skin issues and fragrance sensitivities and now I want to make all the soap. It’s so satisfying to see the transformation. I’m still keeping it simple and will continue to experiment with small...
  16. Nyknits

    I made my first hp soap

    Hey all, I did it. Thanks to all of your encouragement and advice, I went full steam ahead. I have to post a photo of myself with am my gear. I cracked myself up. A few things so far. The smell of lard was sickening. It went pretty quick, I’m guessing because it was just one pound? It got glossy...
  17. Nyknits

    I’m taking the plunge this weekend

    I’ve been reading, watching videos and buying supplies. I’m ready to give soaping a go. I will try an olive oil and coconut oil recipe first, then a pure lard recipe. I want to try both cp and hp. I was able to pick up a crockpot from my local thrift shop. Any and all advise is welcomed.
  18. Nyknits

    Hello. This knitter wants to be a soaper.

    Hello everyone. My name is Lisa and I am excited to finally join this forum. I have been reading and watching tutorials for about 1 month. I have 2 m&p experiences and 2 or maybe 3 lotion bar tries. It’s all very interesting to me and I’m looking forward to trying my first cp and hp soaps. I...