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  1. poramor

    Is DOS soap recyclable?

    I keep soap leftovers to eventually rebatch, but this time I waited too long and the scraps have staled and developed DOS. Us there a way of recycling it? What happens if I Rebatch and use the soap for laundry?
  2. poramor

    could extra virgin oo cause cloudy liquid soap?

    I changed 2 things in my liquid soap formula: 1.) I used extra virgin instead of "non-extra virgin" olive oil and 2.) I used 4% superfat instead of 0%. My formula has olive, coconut, sesame oil, and small amounts of castor and wheatgerm oil. Usually I get clear liquid soap, though last time it...
  3. poramor

    Using fats to use up excess lye in liquid soap

    I made liquid soap with a formula I’ve used before with good results, but this time I get zapped with the soap base but I can’t pinpoint what I did wrong. My question is how can I neutralize the excess lye if I don’t know how much oil is missing. The soap is cooked but I haven't added water to...
  4. poramor

    Fixing very low KOH in liquid soap batch.

    I made a big mistake making liquid soap a couple of days ago and I´m so absent minded I hadn´t realized until now! I used Soapee calculator for the formula of my soap but I checked the NaOH button, although I know perfectly well it should have been KOH. So I used KOH in my soap but in the...
  5. poramor

    Saving cold process soap with low fragance

    I added too little essential oil to cold process soap I made. Is it possible to make it more fragrant after it is done? For example, will it improve if I put it in a box and add cotton swabs damped in essential oil?
  6. poramor

    Lavender and peppermint eos thicken my liquid soap too much

    I scent my liqud soap with equal parts of lavender and peppermint eos, 1.2% of the diluted soap. The soap stays clear but it gets too thick and clumpy and though it improves after a month or more, I wonder if there is a way to reduce its viscosity without having to reduce the percentage of eos...
  7. poramor

    Only my peppermint CP soaps develop DOS!

    I would be very grateful if some fellow member could help me with this dilema. I make 25 pound batches of cold process soap which I divide at light trace into four sub-batches with different essential oils and additives. The last sub-batch I work on is the simplest one, with only peppermint...
  8. poramor

    fixing lye heavy liquid soap

    Hi, I´m new to liquid soap making and would like some help, I made a couple of batches of castille soap, following a recipe and did very well but this last soap I experimented and apparently have too much lye in the formula. I cooked the ingredients, got to the stage of clarity test and, since...