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  1. zajanatural

    Haven't posted in years - Some of my latest soaps

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in years. Something popped up in my email and I decided to come back and log in. I'm still making soap, I now have three kids, and we live in Georgia. Hoping to get acquainted with some old faces, and new ones! Here are some of my latest creations. The last...
  2. zajanatural

    The feauture is up!

    I am this week's Etsy success story!! Check it out:
  3. zajanatural

    Want to see my workshop?

    I am being featured this month on Etsy and I had to take some pictures of the workshop: ... 167845647/[/i]
  4. zajanatural

    More Beer Experiments

    This was a fun little experiment using two different beers. These are both unscented, but they smell amazing! I wanted to see how these two different types of beer would react and smell in the end product. They are both hot processed, using a pvc pipe for hot process and you can't even tell its...
  5. zajanatural

    Easy Peasy Soap Mold Lining System

    I don't know about you but I am sick of lining my molds. I ran out of freezer paper and I had a roll of that kitchen cabinet lining stuff and used that to line my mold instead. I made my template, folded my creases, and then carefully peeled away the backing, and laid it into my mold. Took 10...
  6. zajanatural

    Anyone need a Mojito?

    My Mojito soap made with Barcardi Silver Mojito beer, smells yummy!
  7. zajanatural

    The Geisha's Kimono 5 color swirl

    I was afraid that I would not be able to duplicate this, but I think I nailed it: In the mold: The first bar from an older batch: Cut bars from the new batch:
  8. zajanatural

    My Latest Cream Soap Batch

    Whip it good!
  9. zajanatural

    My new (free) soap stamp

    I got the stamp for free at They guarantee that you will love your first stamp so much they give it to you free! I only paid $2.85 shipping. Its a magnesium die, debossed, wrong facing,mounted on wood. Quite lovely! Vintage Original Musk: The Vert: Both, one...
  10. zajanatural

    Soaps I made 2 nights ago

    The other night I made 10 batches, here are 8 of them, all poured and cut within 10 hours: Padparadscha Stone: Aromatics Elixir: Blue Chamomile: Propolis & Honey: Colloidal Oats facial bar: Green Apple: H20, I had a vision of a glass...
  11. zajanatural

    My absolute favorites- soap art

    These are a few of my favorites that I have soaped, I was quite proud of the way to colors turned out. Been pushing restocking them back for quite awhile, frankly because I am scared they won't look as good. I had quite a few people say that the Luctor actually made them feel "hot and bothered"...
  12. zajanatural

    Hello All!

    Hi, I am Z, I live on Ohio with my hubby and our two kids. I see a lot of familiar names over here. Happened to be surfing on Google tonight and found this forum. Glad to be a part of it!