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  1. FlybyStardancer

    Easter noms!

    So, I made a red velvet cake bunny for Easter! Alton Brown's recipe (minus food coloring), and I used IrishLass' recipe for ermine frosting. I don't totally love it, but my friends did, even the one who doesn't like frosting! And the fact that it uses granulated sugar instead of powdered is very...
  2. FlybyStardancer

    Pi Day Prep

    So, next week we have Pi Day! Which is technically Monday, but my friends and I will be observing it Saturday. Which means I need to narrow down the pies I make to 2-3 options. I want this to include savory pies, but that's where I'm stumbling. If I include meat with them, then I'd do two...
  3. FlybyStardancer

    Spring sliding in

    So, my first soap of the year! (And first since July last year. @[email protected]) I did the clyde slide, but in a pvc column mold. 45% OO, 20% HO sunflower, 20% CO, 10% shea butter, 5% castor, scented with NG's BRV. I colored it with TD (mixed into the green and pink), NS green, pink, and purple vibrance...
  4. FlybyStardancer

    Decorated cake-rather proud

    Backstory: So, my friends and I get together to play tabletop RPGs every Sunday (Dungeons and Dragons being the best-known of this game style). For those who don't know, these games are basically collaborative storytelling, and use dice and other things to tell us if something we want to do is...
  5. FlybyStardancer

    Gunky hair blues

    So my hair has this mysterious gunk in it that I would really like gone, and could use some help figuring out how to make that happen without resorting to, say, Head & Shoulders. So, in the early half of last year, I gave Genny's shampoo bar a try. I had been using H&S and really wanted to get...
  6. FlybyStardancer

    Now for snickerdoodle cookie soap!

    Here's my veg cookie soap to go along with the lemon one I made last week. :D Scented with WSP Snickerdoodle Cookie FO. Top is colored with TD and Nurture's Vibrant Orange. This time I used just two milks--buttermilk powder and goatmilk powder. It also ended up being more of the milks--2 Tbsp...
  7. FlybyStardancer

    Mega bath bomb mold ideas?

    So this past Saturday I met up with a friend for dinner, and we walked around the mall. As we were eating, he mentioned going to Lush to get some bath bombs for his wife. When I mentioned that I know how to make them, he lit up at the idea of commissioning me to make some for her birthday in...
  8. FlybyStardancer

    Yummy lemony quint-milk soaps

    My most recent soap batch! I made a mix of 5 milk powders (regular skim, buttermilk, yogurt, goat milk, coconut milk) that I added to the oils. I scented with WSP Lemon Drop Cookie in the main part of the batter, and I left two small portions unscented to color the top. White and yellow, of course!
  9. FlybyStardancer

    Choco Not-so-Dreamy soap

    So, I decided to make a chocolate-themed soap. First time using cocoa butter in soap, and I scented it with NG's Chocolate Fudge FO (a little bit in the light, rest in the darker two). Where to begin... I used a green mica for the middle-tone color that has always turned orange on me in the...
  10. FlybyStardancer


    Here's my PSA of the moment: Receptionists are not free babysitters. What's your PSA of the moment?
  11. FlybyStardancer

    Rainy day-soaping day?

    So this is my first day without anything scheduled for two weeks (I got to sleep in and it was gloriouuuuuuuuus), and I kinda wanted to do some soaping or canning... But then Mr. Weather decided it would be rain today. (Which we desperately need, I'll admit.) Do any of you soap on rainy days...
  12. FlybyStardancer

    Soap with no name

    So here's the soap I made to fulfill an order for 10 soaps. lol I ended up having nowhere NEAR enough of the FO, so I tossed in some EOs just to bring it up to a decent scent level. Even then I know these are going to start fading, because a large portion are citrus EOs. Heh I'm just lacking...
  13. FlybyStardancer

    Shaving soap troubleshooting?

    So, I made a shaving soap based off of Songwind's soap. Everything seemed to go well.. I added the glycerine up front, but then did DeeAnna's two-step saponification method. I didn't use my stick blender, partly because I didn't feel up to cleaning it afterwards, and partly because I knew it was...
  14. FlybyStardancer

    Plastic wrap + paper

    So, I plan to give out soaps (cp) at parties this weekend, and I need a Plan B stat for getting labels. I have my soaps wrapped in plastic wrap (with one nice side, and one side where all the ends are smooshed together to seal it that will be covered by the label). I can print out b&w copies of...
  15. FlybyStardancer

    Rock garden soap

    So here's my most recent batch--pumice soap colored with indigo, AC, and TD. Fragranced with tea tree and rosemary EOs. This time I managed to partially tame my steamroller instinct while I was working with the batter and getting it in the mold... However, when I went to unmold it today it...
  16. FlybyStardancer

    Joke-Gone-Awry soap

    So, I planned this soap as a joke about some friends of mine... Used hemp oil as part of the recipe, replaced the water with beer, and used NGC's "Cannabis Flower" FO to scent it with. (Which I will not use again unless it turns out popular... I am not a fan. lol) What I MEANT for the design...
  17. FlybyStardancer

    Listing soap ingredients with multiple ingredients

    Okay, the title isn't exactly crystal clear, sorry about that! My question is... When writing up a soap ingredients list (specifically following US "common name" cosmetics laws), how do you handle ingredients that have multiple ingredients of their own? Beer and wine, for instance, can be...
  18. FlybyStardancer

    Suggestions for pouring masterbatch?

    So I have a couple of Nutiva CO bottles that I'm reusing to hold masterbatch oils. I've found that they're the perfect size for the masters that work for me. Just one problem... I'm awful at pouring from them. When I tried, I spilled oil around my bowl, on the scale, and overshot the amount I...
  19. FlybyStardancer

    Bath fizzie WIN!

    So I finally got to test one of my first batch of bath fizzies! I'm so excited! I used beet root powder as a colorant, and it worked beautifully. Gave the fizzies a nice pale pink color, with no staining of the water, skin, or tub. And while you could smell the beet root while mixing the dry...
  20. FlybyStardancer

    Deodorant: Baking soda vs zinc oxide?

    So, a year ago I made homemade deodorant (a variant of this recipe, back when I didn't know better and measured by volume). Coconut oil, cocoa butter, corn starch, baking soda, orange EO and tea tree EO. I used a 3:1 volumetric ratio of corn starch to baking soda (compared to the 1:1 in the...