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    Vanilla beans

    Are vanilla beans suitable for an exfoliant in CP? Or do they give off enough vanillinin to cause seizing? D
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    Dog Shampoo Bars

    Is now a good time for a dog shampoo bar? This is Baloo, aka Stripe.
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    Fractionated Coconut Oil in CP

    So, I find myself having a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil... It's clear, it's liquid. Can it replace regular coconut oil in CP? Or HP? Possibly super fat with it?
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    Steric Acid?

    Howdy. So found a shaving soap recipe that contains 45% Steric Acid... I've always read the you should only use 5% Steric Acid. So, is this recipe bad? As a side note, I upped the amount of Steric I put into my transparent HP...
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    Cold Weather and Soda Ash

    So my search turned up nothing. So here goes, the weather here in Iowa decided to change last week from perfect to cold. A batch of soap that is about 8 weeks old suddenly developed a lot of soda ash on it. 1. Is it the cold? 2. Does this mean it wasn't fully cured? 3. If I ship...
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    oils to butter?

    So, are butters, such as Argan, Apricot, Mango just whipped oils?
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    Mulberry Soap?

    Ok, so Mulberry trees are full. Besides Mulberry cobbler, and Mulberry mead, what can I do with them? Mulberries in Soap? Any thoughts?
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    Mulberry Soap?

    Ok, so I have this Mulberry tree, thousands of Mulberries right now. I grow it because the wood burns well, some say the best. Has anyone used the berries in soap? Looking for ideas. One can only make so much Mulberry Mead, and Mulberry cobbler.
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    Lost Skye

    Three weeks ago today my Skye passed over the rainbow bridge. He is the patriarch of all my dogs, 3 generations of border collies. I've had a heavy heart since. No other dog I've ever had or met was as smart as this one. I wanted to post a video of him talking, but I can't seem to sort that out.
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    Puppy update

    Baloo, aka Stripe, 10 months old.
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    NG French Vanilla

    So, I've made a hot process soap with NG's French Vanilla twice now. First batch, it smelled off, definitely not vanilla. I was thinking my batch may have been too hot when I added the FO. Second batch, made sure to wait until it was down to 120° F before adding, still smells off, not...
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    Black Pepper and Ginger

    Anyone familiar with this soap scent? Any ideas what scents to combine to get close, I've tried mixing ginger from BB with a pepper FO, not even close. Thanks
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    Back from Austria and Germany

    Had a great time. Now instead of soaping, fixing the house. My boys dog sat for me while I was gone, and while both are over 20 and in college, still broke the house. How does a sliding door just stop working? Magic?
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    Puppy Update

    Baloo, aka Stripe, relaxing after breaking a flower pot on the deck.
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    Tobacco scented soap

    So, I made soap with my normal cp recipe, added a tobacco scent from crazy candles, and 2 days later still not ready to un-mold. It's pasty like stick glue. Any thoughts?
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    Soaping withdrawl - visiting the Lush store

    So, boys are out of the house at college, been traveling for work the past 6 weeks, haven't been able to make soap. Coming home tonight, I have a trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Faire this weekend, I usually make bathbombs for the hotel for my wife, not sure if I'll have time to make them...
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    Germany and Austria

    Ok, getting ready to go to Germany and Austria in less than 2 months to visit my better half's family. I need the list of must dos, must sees. My better half said I have to behave while there. Not sure what she meant by that. I know she doesn't like it when I juggle apples at the grocery...
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    Poppy seeds in soap

    In the past I've added poppy seeds, and they usually work fine, but 1 time they bleed brown, any thoughts? Was it the type of poppy seeds I used? Tones poppy seeds from the spice isle at the market.
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    Empty nest...

    Both boys are off to college today. Just me and the dogs. So now the house becomes a creative workshop....
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    Moon Shelf

    So a friend asked me to build a Moon Shelf for curio stuff. I really just winged it. Normally I use graph paper and sketch out what I'm making, this, I just did it.