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    First Charcoal Soap

    Here is my first Charcoal soap. The white part is a mix of clay...
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    I am in the middle of building my website. Yes I'm a soaper and techno geek:-) , a graphic designer and Marketing Manager (my full time job:-). If you would not mind giving any feed back you can I would appriciate it! Do not pay attention to the soap picks...
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    I just had the pleasure of having my second seize in two weeks. I was using "Under the Stars" first and this one was "Beach Type". Both of those FO's seize! My oberservation was when I poured in the FO. It is clear in the bottle but the minute it hit the oil and lye it changed to an almost...
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    New Legislation

    Is anyone concerned about this? ... -cosmetics
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    FO's Behaving Badly

    I wake up this morning intending on making a great batch with my new recipe and new oils that I ordered and everything was going great! Until I added the "Under the Star's" FO. I noticed that when I added it to my batch it seemed to turn a light greenish color. After I was done stirring it in...
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    MP formulation question

    Hello, I am trying to create an Acne facial bar. I need to add 2% Salicylic Acid to the bar. I need to dissolve the SA in oil but I am unsure of how much oil I can add to a basic clear glycerin base. I bought the base at Michael's but it does not say how much I can add. Any help would be...
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    Rebatching - might be dumb question

    Since I am sort of new to soaping I have a question about rebatching. What benefit do you get out of rebatching? Does it change the qualities of the soap? Does it lower the pH? I do understand why you would need to rebatch a CP gone wrong. But I just want to understand why you would...
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    First try at a marble effect

    This is my first try at a marble effect. The scent is Rosemary Mint. What do you think?
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    Glycolic Acid cream!!!

    I made up a batch of cream using Prolipid 141 and BTMS Condtioning Emulsifier. The batch was looking so good, thick, creamy, just what I wanted. Then at cool down I added Optiphen Plus and my FO and the emulsion fell apart. It went all watery. It did thicken up a little bit more after setting...
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    Sqeaky Clean

    I have made about 5 batches of CP soap over the past 4 months and all of them give me a squeaky clean feeling after I rinse off. Mind you my skin is not itchy nor is it dry, just squeaky clean. My question is, is home made soap suppose to feel that way? My recipe is: Olive 30% Coconut...
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    Silk...Yet another question

    I was given some Raw silk in fabric form. It is completely raw; no dye no nothing. Can this be used for my soap? and if so do you know how much I would use?
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    Aloe Juice question...Part Deux

    this is my first time using aloe juice. I just mixed together a solution and it looks like there are tiny white particles floating on top. I am using a 1/2 aloe and 1/2 goat's milk so I only mixed together half of the liquid aloe with the lye. Is this normal? Or has something gone...
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    Aloe Juice...What does it do?

    I am a one of those people who just has to know:-) and I have seen many of you talking about and using Aloe Juice instead of water in your lye solution and I just want to know why:-) Does it provide any conditioning benefits? Is it a texture thing? The only reason that I ask this is because I...
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    Beeswax..Clean up after!

    Hello everyone. I just made some lotion bars and I have a simple question. What is the best way to work with beeswax so I do not spend an hour cleaning up after! It took me forever to clean my double boiler then my sink. I also ran the hot water for a long time just to make sure it did not...
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    Soap Maker vs. SoapCalc

    Hello, I have a newbie question. I bought the Soap Maker program when I first started out on my soap quest. I made my first batch of soap and it seemed to have worked out and I did it using Soap Maker. On my second batch, that is gelling as I type, I also used Soap Maker. I went ahead...
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    Beta Glucan

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone uses Beta Glucan in any of there face products. If so where do you get your supply? I found some on but I'm not sure how stable they are and would like to find another source...just in case. Please let me know... Thanks!
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    Newbie Help - CP soap does not look done

    Hello, I am new to Cold process soapmaking and I made my very first batch this past weekend. The recipe I used was... 16oz Olive Oil 8 oz Coconut 8 oz Castor 4 oz Shea Butter 4 oz Jojoba with EO and 2 tbsp of Oatmeal. Everything seemed to go well during the mixing phase but when...