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  1. ResolvableOwl

    Indigo vat as soap colourant

    I haven't found SMF hits (prior to this thread polluting the search results) for vat-style reduced indigo as a soap colourant. This comes closest: But 1. @penelopejane didn't add (reduced) vat directly to the soap, but...
  2. ResolvableOwl

    Underrated spices for bread/brioche/pastry

    As of lately, I'm too rarely in the “bakery”. The lockdown last year, and, in its following, the outright pop-cultural fashion that everyone now grew sourdough and baked bread all of a sudden, has depleted much of its somewhat exotic appeal for me. However, that doesn't make baking itself less...
  3. ResolvableOwl

    Ode to Castor oil

    Let's have a place where we can share our excitement over the miraculous properties of Ricinus alias castor oil! From which other oil can you say that a few % make all of a difference? Its “lather boost” ability is legendary. Oddly enough, pure castor soaps don't perform well. It makes a solid...
  4. ResolvableOwl

    Tracing/saponification speed test

    Some time ago, for a bar soap, I combined (what I thought) soft/slow oils and lye, just to see how it would go to thick trace within the first second of stick-blending. Hrm. Time to find out if some of my oils misbehave (by chance, they were all newly purchased/opened). So I went on, grabbed...
  5. ResolvableOwl

    Sunflower Green

    Let this thread be the home for the troublesome path to mastering of sunflower kernel purée/solids as a green colourant for soap. I tried adding sunflower purée more or less incidentally (out of boredom) some two years ago in a HP recipe, and was instantly amazed about its performance to dye...
  6. ResolvableOwl

    Soap in use

    Hi! Just browsed again through the ever-growing Soaps in shower thread, and I though it's time to give half used-up soap bars a place to shine here! Soapmakers are so proud of their gorgeous designs when just cut (every shop shows off bars untouched, and all YouTubers are obliged to...
  7. ResolvableOwl

    [META] “Starter Kit” Advice

    Not a recipe for a specific soap, but a “meta-recipe” how one might, could (should?) find one's way to an individual “soapy character”. Level 1 Get distilled water, NaOH, olive oil, coconut oil, lard or tallow or palm oil. Protective gear, plastic beakers, stick blender, simple mould Get used to...
  8. ResolvableOwl

    Dairy butter LS – unoffensive!

    First a peek on the perfect match in viscosity: Now to the stinky details: At various places, the usage of butter (from cow's milk) for soap has caused the most dramatic descriptions of an obnoxious odour nuisance. I already expressed my surprise about this...
  9. ResolvableOwl

    Garden-inspired Guessing Game

    Guess what's happening here! I let the photos speak for themselves, once after another in loose succession. Until the very end, when I'll also include motivation/context, the recipe, and various comments. (My kind-of-contribution to the June 2021 “Garden-inspired” soap challenge. Too much of...
  10. ResolvableOwl

    Bug bite salve

    This year's mosquito season forecasts either sound great or terrible, depending on if you are a mosquito or warm-blooded. Even if it's not too bad, I like to be prepared. Some years ago I picked up the information that mango butter has qualities on its own to relieve insect bite pains. I had...
  11. ResolvableOwl

    Boundary between HP and rebatch

    Just another insignificant, probably slightly esoteric non(?)-issue about process nomenclature, without any practical implications.:rolleyes: Definitions: HP = oils (triglycerides) + lye solution, saponified under constant heat supply in one step. Rebatch = solid soap reheated (possibly with...
  12. ResolvableOwl

    (Leuco-)Indigo and a puzzling Soap Chameleon

    As already insinuated, colouring soap with indigo (for the OPW challenge) surprised me quite a bit. [First off, I'm using not dye- or soap-grade indigo, but the chemically modified (water-soluble) food colouring variant E132 (indigo carmine), and I probably shouldn't (replacements already on...
  13. ResolvableOwl

    White pigments | Double Hombre swirl (quantitative) | Am I too stupid for glycerin rivers?

    Decide for a unit weight X (all further quantities are multiples of this). Make 7X soap batter, divide into one pure portion (P) of 4.17X and two (Z, T) of 1.42X Stir your favourite colours into the Z and T batters Cast 1X of Z into your mould Add 0.90X of P into Z, carefully cast 1X of this...
  14. ResolvableOwl

    CP: Split-oil / oleic batter “masterbatch”

    Sounds too easy for nobody to have done this before? Castile-style soap batters can be annoying at times with their tendency to move slowly, and can need quite some mechanical work to emulsify/trace/harden. What if we can turn this into an advantage? [ETA tl;dr: Emulsification of the lye with...
  15. ResolvableOwl

    ☿️ This year's evening visibility of Mercury

    These days, a rare guest in temperate latitudes is visible on the evening sky (northern hemisphere). Just above the northwestern horizon, planet Mercury has its last evening visibility of this year. Next week it's best to view; on the 13th, the crescent moon will visit this timid guest of our...
  16. ResolvableOwl

    My PKO gained self-consciousness (?)

    The other day, I melted up palm kernel oil to cast it into chocolate bar moulds for easier dosage (and for fun!). The melt was water-clear and slightly yellowish when I poured it into the silicone moulds, placed outside (~10°C) to solidify. I wouldn't be surprised when the surface wouldn't come...
  17. ResolvableOwl

    “Stainless” steel

    😒 I don't need rust. Not in my hummus, not in my pumpkin soup, not in my soap.
  18. ResolvableOwl

    Twist-close Hexagon (Baumkuchen) Box – concept/mockup

    Made this purely for amusement/for my fiddly fingers. I don't intend to actually use these as actual packaging. It's a concept. Bad news first: I was shopping yesterday, but Baumkuchen appears to be more seasonal than I thought. No Baumkuchen 😭 But I found this snack instead, which uses the...
  19. ResolvableOwl

    E 471: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids

    Another dual-use good that has its original place in bakery, but turns out to be of possible use for soapmaking as well: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, aka E471. Since its use is so ubiquitous in bakery, I have ordered some a few years ago (1 kg was the smallest package size). Didn't...
  20. ResolvableOwl

    Conceptual Soap Opera

    I'll open this thread to dump ideas and results of some (more or less experimental) approaches that came to my mind (and my curing rack) over time. There will be updates in loose succession. If you think you have something in line to present, feel free to join! I know too well that, in our...