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  1. dneruck

    Where to find ~ 2.25 x 3 inch molds?

    Nurture also has these, although it may not be as wide as you'd like - internal dimensions : 12" L x 2 1/8" W x 3 1/4" H
  2. dneruck

    Wholesale Supplies Plus - need to gripe

    I too ship international and the 20% discount went to 15% then to nothing without any notice. I now send multiple purchases to a freight forwarder but if that were not the case I would probably look elsewhere first
  3. dneruck

    Stick blender for Christmas!!! :) but there's a catch....

    Mine for food broke and I haven't replaced it but I did buy a new one for lotion and use the attachment from the broken one for soap (so I have two) [emoji51]
  4. dneruck

    My Funny Soaping Moment, What's Yours?

    It was scary for a bit but I left the tissue in until I was done cleaning up and everything lol, so no no pain lol
  5. dneruck

    My Funny Soaping Moment, What's Yours?

    Well I'm short and the counter in my workshop is a little too tall for me. I had a batch recently that started to rice so I began to stick blend and stir vigorously. An ever so tiny drop of raw soap splashed out and when straight up my nose :shock: I got a piece of tissue, twisted it, wet it and...
  6. dneruck

    Grieving pet loss

    :( I'm so sorry for your loss
  7. dneruck

    Log Splitter/Single Bar Cutter plans

    Thank you both so much! I have a guy who makes molds for me but he mostly makes furniture so I'm trying to give him as much info for this as I can. Thanks again
  8. dneruck

    Log Splitter/Single Bar Cutter plans

    Hi all, Does any one have plans for making a log splitter and single bar cutter that they are willing to share? If I buy them on they will cost me about $355 USD (shipping alone is 180 USD) and then I still have to pay 60% duty, so I'd like to see if I could have them built locally...
  9. dneruck

    The best Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey FO?

    I like the NG one too. It's the first scent I've ever used and still my favorite. I find though, to me at least, that even though the OMH from WSP and NG smell different OOB, they smell very similar in soap.
  10. dneruck

    Soaper's Choice's Website is Down

    Ahh thanks earlene. I thought I had tried it without the one but I guess I didn't
  11. dneruck

    Soaper's Choice's Website is Down

    Hmm that's not working either... maybe because it's international
  12. dneruck

    Soaper's Choice's Website is Down

    I'm trying to register and it says "Enter Valid Phone No." but it doesn't say what the valid format is :/ ... anyone know what format it's expecting?
  13. dneruck

    Weird Ways People Wash

    Every day for me here in the Caribbean, mostly twice a day and sometimes three times when the weather is at its hottest, even when sitting still . I work from home (fixed hours) and sit in front a computer for eight hrs at least. On the hottest days, if I didn't constantly have a fan pointing at...
  14. dneruck

    Europe: (more) environmentally friendly sparkles/flakes?

    I think has biodegradable glitters. Not sure how if the shipping would be feasible for you though but you can check it out.
  15. dneruck

    Tennessee Candle Company Soap Scents Tests

    There is a thread going on and they are going to see if Aztec will carry some of the scents. Maybe you guys can go over there and make your requests
  16. dneruck

    Palmolive and Old SPice scents?

    Knock-out from Natures Garden is a dupe of Old Spice Swagger and I think they have a could more. Check out there duplications list here You can also check
  17. dneruck

    packaging rant

    Try this for pouring the fragrances. That annoyed me too when I first started but I figured someone must have found a solution :)
  18. dneruck

    WSP FO sale and new policies

    Sale has gone live guys
  19. dneruck

    WSP FO sale and new policies

    I think the email also said that if a fragrance goes out of stock during the sale it will be placed on back order.
  20. dneruck

    Best beer/ale FOs?

    WSP's oatmeal stoute didn't morph for me but it definitely rices