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  1. ravenscents

    Plain Jane and her sister Pam

    Introduced my two new soaps at the spring fair. Plain Jane and her vegan sister Pam. ( Like the vegetable spray)
  2. ravenscents

    Pics of Pomace vs EOO Zany's No Slime recipe

    I have been experimenting with Zany's No Slime Castile and wanted to share my photos. The soap on the right is Sams Club EOO, on the left Pomace. I did not run through a soap calculator to compensate for the difference in oils. After 3 days the pomace was a little tacky, the EOO, very hard. I...
  3. ravenscents

    Zany's no slime castile cont.

    When making this soap. Can I blend to emulsion and then pour in my mold and wait for it to set up? Or do I have to SB to light trace? I plan on a plain jane to start with. No FO, colorant or swirl.
  4. ravenscents

    Lard vs Shortening

    I have been using lard as the primary ingredient in my soap. I wanted to try a vegan variety so I opted for Walmart all vegetable shortening. I was amazed at the difference in the color of the soap. (Shortening on the top, Lard on the bottom) The bubbly soap is the shortening soap. I use the...
  5. ravenscents

    Loose fruit tea as a decoration

    I drink a lot of tea and often brew loose fruit tea. Lots of colors and bits of dried fruit. Has anyone decorated their soap tops with loose tea and does it discolored or bleed?
  6. ravenscents

    Gel Spots

    I've been trying my hand at river rock soap with 100% CO, pumice powder and AC. The first photo is my three try so far. The second photo is my first try and looks great. I've been keeping decent notes (to myself) as to temp and SF. My attempts (L-R) 1. First try was a success in color and...
  7. ravenscents

    When to add Sugar and SL

    I recently switched Soap Calculators from Soapcal to Soapmaking Friend and I have been concentrating on developing a basic recipe. I really like that Soapmaking Friends site allows me to hover over an additive and tell me when it should be added to the recipe. I also like that it offers cost...
  8. ravenscents

    I can't swirl

    Newbie here, trying my hardest to learn how to swirl. I've watched months of you tube videos and I've been experimenting with known recipes from Brambleberry, and WPS. I have 10 bars curing with dreadful swirls. I've tried the spoon swirl, drop and hanger swirl. I've tried to make a thinner...