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  1. MickeyRat

    Is there a scent that works well with Tea Tree Oil?

    I make a charcoal face soap and one of the ingredients is tea tree oil. The soap feels great on the skin and I've been told it works well for acne but, it smells a bit like turpentine. Is there a scent that will help mask it or at least make it more palatable?
  2. MickeyRat

    When does it become selling?

    So far, I've been strictly a hobbiest and I've never taken money for my soap. I give it away to just about anyone that will take it. Now I have a crazy situation. I stayed at an Airbnb and left a few bars for my host. He's a dedicated host and he will do just about anything to make staying...
  3. MickeyRat

    Does Castile Soap Really Take That Long to Harden?

    I've seen many posts on here saying Castile soap takes a long time to harden. I recently made my first version of it and it seems to be hardening at least as fast as my usual recipe perhaps a bit faster. My understanding is that Castile soap is pretty much all olive oil. That's what I did with...
  4. MickeyRat

    Is this a bad batch or not

    I made 4 batches of soap last Thursday. I let one of the batches sit at trace for a minute or so while mixed and swirled colors which I do a lot. However, when I poured it in the mold, that batch was much thicker almost chunky on the bottom of the bowl than the top. When I unmolded it and cut...
  5. MickeyRat

    When is the right time to put stuff in and about metal with soap?

    I've been making soap for a little over a year and I'm stil not certain about a few things. I've been putting TD in my oils before I even dump the lye and that works fine. I've already seen opinions that say that waiting for trace to put in your overfat in CP is hooey. I've also seen a few...
  6. MickeyRat

    My first lye burn

    I've been making soap a little more than a year and I've had a few accidents but, I wasn't burned. I had mixed the lye and oils in a batch and was working it to trace when I spilled about half the batch in my lap. At first, I thought my pants had saved me. I stripped them off and threw them n...
  7. MickeyRat

    It's a hobby but, people want to buy

    I've been making soap as a hobby for the last 8 or 9 months. I make more than I can use and give it away. The thing is the people I give it to give it to other people to try and a now I have several people I don't know that want to buy it. I'm not interested in building a business and I...
  8. MickeyRat

    Really dumb question but, I'm curious

    I read a thread on here discussing an old soap recipe using ammonia. DeeAnna mentioned that ammonium hydroxide can saponify fat just as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide can. Well I and others have noticed that goats milk used in soap at too high a temperature gives off an ammonia...
  9. MickeyRat

    Hello from NC

    Hello from Hickory, NC! I've only been making soap for a couple months. I'm a hobbyist so I make small batches (18oz fat - 6 bars) but, I'm keeping myself and family supplied trying different things. I'm not the patient type and I don't have space to cure soap for months so, I mostly cold...