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  1. Trix

    Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

    If he just developed he sensitive skin when he got there it could be the water. It is hard water with almost everything from chlorine to fluoride to other chemicals added there, such they just reuse seawater. Olive oil has worked for millenuims for that areas weather. Other oils u may want to...
  2. Trix

    Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

    I second the castille soap, mind you this is usually only good after a six month to a year of making it. But when mybskin used to act up, this was the only thing that would calm it down and not cause further problems. Lavender eo is usually safe even for sensitive skin, but do double check with...
  3. Trix

    I have been waiting for this moment!

    Hi purplerain, the above posters are right. Due to our bodies chemistry, a water based product is lighter and absorbs better, so emulsifying wax and the cleanest water you could get or a water based product will make a diffrence, in both absorption and feel.
  4. Trix

    How do you make a gel creme for hair?

    Your welcome xoticosoaps though wish i could be of more help. Do u know about this formulary? I found another hair gel recipe for you, and this to really makes me think u should be doing 3 phases where the water content is split between at least two of the phases. Ofcourse this hair molding...
  5. Trix

    How do you make a gel creme for hair?

    Hi xoticosoaps, imhave never tried a hair gel as not intrested but on another none english forum that has been going on for almost a decade now, so many people tried their own version and post their tutorials. In summary, it starts by mixing the gelling agent or gum or whatever your using with...
  6. Trix

    Making Deodorant

    It gets better and better....i found the owner running seminars around the city 'warning' people about the dangerous chemicals in products like, preservatives, mineral oil, soduim palmitate, proplyene glycol...and wait for it 'other things you can't pronounce'. Never mind that a quick google...
  7. Trix

    color for solid perfume

    Lol, not rainbow. They use it in sunscreen think more of a little 'glow'... I never put more than 5 grams for every 450'grams of oils and waxes.
  8. Trix

    Making Deodorant

    Funny i see this today after i saw one nearby shop selling tiny bottles of deodrant powder...what are the ingredients? Baking soda, tea tree oil and lavender a lrice where you could buy a few boxes of baking soda and DIY. I am another big fan of alum crystals here but not sure how they...
  9. Trix

    Experimenting with lotion

    It is the beeswax, a high beeswax content even if part of it is an 'emulsifier??' Will do that. I have heard of the borax and beeswax mix before, but it is not really going to be as stable as using an emulsifying wax. And a lot of e-waxes are vegtable based if it is a concern for some. Whole...
  10. Trix

    Hand cream/ salve help

    Hi traderbren. Something i learnt a long time ago was lotions work better than lotion bars (except in a few rare cases) because of one ingredient....water! Otherwise the oils just sit on top of the skin not allowing any water out even if they are slowing down water loss a bit. Neutrogena...
  11. Trix

    color for solid perfume

    If it is for personal use, why do u want to put titanium dioxide in it? Usually this is to make products whiter and more opaque. It could also help products last just a little bit longer, by the way it disperses light.
  12. Trix

    scary reaction when mixing my lye!

    The sugar overheated the mix even further. I know some people who only use very cold water when preparing the lye water, because they do not want to risk such incidents...and that is without even adding sugar! Your mix is still safe to use though :)
  13. Trix

    Lotion - How long to wait before establishing it's safe/stable?

    I get you, marketing people have a lot to answer for over the past decade or two, in the amount of misinformation that has become the norm. And my own expierences with cancer, is the alternative world doesnt con me, they are just the other face of the same pharmacetuicals company coin. Only...
  14. Trix

    Lotion - How long to wait before establishing it's safe/stable?

    Sorry about that Rparrny, and lets just say i know exactly how you feel about cancer related parent deaths... Anyway i can tell you there is a lot of time and research and scientists in labs all over Most of the world, keep trying to find 'natural' preservatives that can replace the ones we...
  15. Trix

    color for solid perfume

    For th OP , using a tiny amount of mica will colour your perfume base, but try and leave the shimmer either for teenagers, or around xmas time. Janzo when i make solid perfume base, i use candelilla, ozkerite carnuba wax and two carrier oils, it took a lot of reseraching and trying products to...
  16. Trix

    Castile soft and sweaty

    I think im odd here in that i actually like Castille soap, but you are sort of right here, the best bars i tried were ones i used 2-3 years after making :)
  17. Trix

    Lotion - How long to wait before establishing it's safe/stable?

    Rpanny vitamin e is an antioxidant not a preservative. Our noses and lips are extremly sensitive to things that have gone bad, so they let us know when a lotion is bad usually via an unpleasant almost metallic scent. Vitamin E just makes sure that the time it will take the lotion to get to that...
  18. Trix

    Prefrences, new window or same page?

    Thbak you harrietrosie! I dont know why that last sentence made me laugh. It is, the whole point really is the suppliers page, as i wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone in their 'real cosmetics diy' journey to find what they need wherever they are in the world...
  19. Trix

    Cosmeceuticals, your experience

    Yes i have used them, not the aging ones, but because I want to experiment. The niancinamide one was all over diy tutorials a couple years back, and the sea kelp bioferment one is still around. I really liked them when i used them. I also still make my aha and bha toners, depending on the...
  20. Trix

    Lotion - How long to wait before establishing it's safe/stable?

    Hi froggybean37, i learnt most of my lotion making from old books, an enthusiastic science teacher, and a certain italian forum later on, so not sure it would be useful to link it back here. Test it for a month or two first. Not all preservatives work well with all oils, so research that alot...