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  1. Arimara

    Skin irritations due to handmade soap

    I agree with this 100%. Do let us know how this one turns out. For my area, this would be a pretty solid soap recipe.
  2. Arimara

    Skin irritations due to handmade soap

    You do know that all soaps that are made with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide that are not syndets are going to have a pH level at or higher than 8, right? I really hope I'm not coming off as rude though, I'm not trying to be. Back to the problem, what type of containers are you using...
  3. Arimara

    Skin irritations due to handmade soap

    Which one of the oils did you change? I also ran this through the soapy calculator. Unless you're allergic to one of the oils, which should not be used at all, I'd lower that coconut oil percentage to about 15 and reallocate that 9% to the rice bran oil.
  4. Arimara

    Is this paste

    One of the first warnings about lye is not to use metal items with sodium/potassium hydroxide unless they are stainless steel. Aluminum is very reactive with those caustics and fortunately, you were not injured (i hope) from that. I'm aware you know this now but it's still something newbies...
  5. Arimara

    My first soap recipe (actually 2 ;)

    The CP recipe would be way too cleansing but it has good bones. Knocking off 10% from the coconut oil and adding it to the palm is my suggestion. I use that method occasionally but not with the butters or palm unless they are heated up to be partially melted. It's when I decide or need to hand...
  6. Arimara

    Is this paste

    Looks like paste to me.
  7. Arimara

    My first cold process recipe

    I'd say try it as you wrote it but run it through a soaping calculator. That way, after the soap cures for 4-6 weeks, You can gauge what you'd want to change. Just make sure you don't use more than 454g/16oz of oils for your first batch. You'd also want to try a 7% superfat too if you feel the...
  8. Arimara

    High Shea Butter experiment

    I should probably get cracking for winter then.
  9. Arimara

    Brown Bath Bombs?

    Who wouldn't want to bathe in chocolate, figuratively speaking? as long as the label indicates that it is chocolate scented and it smells like chocolate (which is a bit evil to me since I want chocolate now) I doubt people will be offended. Just play up the chocolaty experience.
  10. Arimara

    Infusing Olive Oil: Properties & Scent

    HP isn't that bad. Sure, you might have to cure your soap a little longer but that's a minor thing. All you need is just an extra part water to your water:lye ratio and something cover the top of a stainless steel pot or a slowcooker and you have it made. You'd also have a leg up if you ever...
  11. Arimara


    If I were in such a group, I'd either leave or just get kicked out. I have no qualms about either scenario happening.
  12. Arimara

    Infusing Olive Oil: Properties & Scent

    If you want any sort of properties to be in your soap, add the infused oil as a superfat to an HP batch. CP soap, by its nature, you have way less control of what the lye eats up and not. As for the scent, use an FO or EO if you wan some scent to your soap. infused oils rarely leave a scent behind.
  13. Arimara

    Cat Hair, How To Keep Soap Hairless?

    Do you brush your cat's coat regularly? that might also help.
  14. Arimara

    Adding avocado to soap. Help!

    That is assuming tha OP is using a hass avocado, right? I had a Floridian avocado a couple of days ago and found it to be a little more watery than I remember them to be
  15. Arimara

    Post your Gripe

    This soap should be easy but you'd have to be comfotable with using palm and palm kernel oils as well as read up on some other ingredients to recreate it. I'd suggest going to the recipe sub forums, picking a recipe, running it through the soap.calculator, and buying the NOW tea tree oil.
  16. Arimara

    Will sodium Citrate prevent soap going rancid?

    If you soaps are going rancid, you might need new oil(s). I can't recall if sodium citrate helps with rancidity but I doubt it does.
  17. Arimara

    What are good oils to use in a lotion recipe?

    I can't lend much of a word considering I don't have mature skin quite yet. About the only piece of advice I can even give is to try a little bit of each oil that you want to use for your lotion before you make it. If you don't like it as an oil, you may not like it in your lotion.
  18. Arimara

    Best Birthday Cake FO?

    The only cakey FO I have used was Brambleberry's Clementine Cupcake, which I don't think they offer anymore. I liked it a lot but in your case, it might take a little experimenting to find one that works for you. You can also check out Nature's Garden to see what they have.
  19. Arimara

    What are good oils to use in a lotion recipe?

    Have to agree with babassu oil. I love that oil in butter whips and lotion.
  20. Arimara

    NS Mad about Mint

    I haven't had issues with that FO but it's not one I like either. I need the mint EOs,sadly