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    FAIL: No Shame in Trying & Posting!

    No shame in trying something new (standby recipe but with technique modifications), and in showing how we can't win them all. :-) Figure I'll post this to encourage others to not beat themselves up or be ashamed of a batch gone wrong. The Change: Held back a portion of the water from mixing...
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    Soaping From Room Temperature

    Does anyone have experience with soaping from room temperature? Mainly meaning, using lye water that is at an ambient temperature and not warm/hot? If so, what was your process like? Can you melt the oils, mix the cool lye water, then soap from there or are there issues that would present...
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    How Would You Term This Process?

    I'm curious to get other opinions on what you would term the below process of soap making (HP, CPOP, CP, etc.) ;-) I have in my head what I would call it, but wondered if any subtle nuances would make you think otherwise. Thanks! 1. Melt oils in crock pot. 2. Create lye water, wait until...