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  1. Thistle Creek Honey

    Looking for suggestions on bags for customers at fairs

    What sort of bags do you use for customers at craft fairs? We tried using recycled plastic shopping bags, but not all customers were into old shopping bags for thier shiny new soaps and lotions they just paid good money for. We tried brown paper lunch bags, but had similar feedback. We...
  2. Thistle Creek Honey

    Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign

    We just changed our signs we use for craft fairs and my wife made some stands for the signs out of wire coat hangers. She cut them, bent them to shape and spray painted them. It worked out well, so thought I'd share...
  3. Thistle Creek Honey

    Our First Craft Fair

    We've been giving away our soaps, lotions and honey for a while and finally decided to form a company and try selling at a fair. There is a horse rescue farm ( near us that we do volunteer work. They were holding a "Fall Fest" and we purchased a vendor space. I attached 2 pics...
  4. Thistle Creek Honey


    Hi Everyone, I am Thistle Creek Honey guy's wife. (Just wanted to disclose that right away.) I have a question about selling products containing comfrey. I make a salve I use myself and have given away to others. This salve works like nothing else I have ever used to heal my cracked, chapped...
  5. Thistle Creek Honey

    Verifying Vendors Oils

    Given the problems we've seen in this country with adulterated honey and olive oil, does anyone have suggestions on how to make sure the oil you are getting is actually what you paid for? We've got several types of oil$ (meadowfoam, hemp, Avocado...) from different vendors and notice that each...
  6. Thistle Creek Honey

    Why More Ash This Time?

    I was trying a new recipe and when it came out of the mold, I saw what appears to be more ash than I've seen before and on the sides where it was not exposed to air. Is this ash on the side and if so, any ideas why so much more this time? recipe: OO 35% Babassu Oil 15% Rice Bran 11% Castor...
  7. Thistle Creek Honey

    Do the Oils you use make a better soap for your skin?

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to make soap that is goodfor our skin. I know the oils you choosemake a difference WRT hardness, creaminess, etc. But from what I’ve read, the choice of oilsaffects the quality of soap (hardness, lather, etc…), but doesn’t speak to the benefitto skin. And...
  8. Thistle Creek Honey

    FDA Requirements and Bath Bombs

    I'm trying to determine if the FDA rules on bubble baths would apply to Bath Bombs. Anyone have this on thier labels? <FDA Snipet> A foaming detergent bath product--also known as bubble bath product--is, for the purpose of this regulation, defined as "any product intended to be added to a...
  9. Thistle Creek Honey

    Getting Lip Balm Labels to Stick

    We're trying to find the best labels that will stick and stay stuck to the round lip balm tubes. We tried labels made from and they worked as well as post-it-notes. We then tried printing on paper and using different glue sticks, but they only worked slightly better. We then...
  10. Thistle Creek Honey

    Hi from MD

    My wife and I have been making soap, acne cream and other "products of the hive" that come from our honey bees for a couple years now. We're looking at selling some of our products at local fairs for the fun of it and could use some help.