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  1. KiwiSoap

    App not working

    Thank you for the update, Angie, I do hope they are able to resolve it!
  2. KiwiSoap

    App not working

    Thanks Shari, good to know there are others waiting as well :) I was wondering whether I had missed something... I find the app much more convenient, plus it has a dark mode which the website seems to resist.
  3. KiwiSoap

    App not working

    I'm wondering whether anyone has been able to get the app to connect again, or whether the technical team are making progress on this?
  4. KiwiSoap

    Guess who I ran into?!

    I'm in New Zealand! Alas, I could have attended a conference in your city last week but I'd attended another conference the month before so didn't feel I could. But I understand you were relaxing in Bali so my trip would have been in vain anyway (apart from the important conference stuff ...) My...
  5. KiwiSoap

    App not working

    I'll tag this thread as well, also currently unable to use the app, hope this can be resolved soon :)
  6. KiwiSoap

    Starting My Soaping Journey

    Batch 8: 'Battle of the Greens' Twelve week update Apologies for my absence, life is rather full on at the moment, and even when I've had plans to make soap those have had to be overridden :( Also, the app isn't working for me currently and the website just overwrote the long linky message I...
  7. KiwiSoap

    Genny's Shampoo Cake....I mean bar

    I just can't even get my head around that that isn't edible ... Looks delicious, I mean .. delightful!
  8. KiwiSoap

    Aloe Darlin'!

    You'd only be helping her out, it's a service really! I wish I could help her out too... (Kidding, I got enough on my plate already, I just gotta make soap!) Can't wait to see what soapy goodness you create next!
  9. KiwiSoap

    Hello. New soaper. Keen to learn. :)

    Welcome, Brin. There are a few Kiwi's here, @KiwiMoose is the most famous and fantastic one :) Happy soaping!
  10. KiwiSoap

    Yikes. Just Yikes.

    Aww bless, at least you have a brilliant sense of humour @MGM! (Though usually you provide us superb results, like this one I just wanna eat!) Funnily enough, yellow oxide is super cheap here in Kiwiland as well so I have a double portion of it as well! I have used it to good effect though in...
  11. KiwiSoap

    Hello Stearic Acid!

    I'm always impressed by your soaps, you produce such smooth HP soaps with light and beautiful swirls! Thank you for sharing!
  12. KiwiSoap

    Not lovely soap, not yet at least

    Thanks for sharing these soaps, I love how crisp that pattern has come out in your Zany's Castille soap! I have CPOPed a lot of my soaps and 'top up' the temperature once or twice each time with no ill effects yet, but I haven't used many FOs. I sit the mould on a wooden chopping board, rather...
  13. KiwiSoap

    A month of landscapes!

    Wow, you are the perfect union of scientist and artist, reflecting and refining your design and techniques to so many satisfying conclusions .. I hope that one day I may be able to execute a soap with your patience, thought and skill! Thank you for sharing, I am in awe!
  14. KiwiSoap

    Starting My Soaping Journey

    Batch #11: KiwiMoose's Soy Wax soap with Cacao butter and Calendula-infused Oil Yesterday I squeezed in a bit of time to bash out a batch of soap. I've had a jar with Calendula petals infusing in rice bran oil for a while now (7 weeks), sitting in a window that catches a lots of light, however...
  15. KiwiSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    It's been three weeks, feels like longer! I keep seeing all the wonderful soaps people are posting here and it makes me want to experiment further -- my soaps have been pretty basic so far, you can see what I've done so far here, and here is my latest: Calendula Infused Soap (with plain soap...
  16. KiwiSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made soap today (finally!) using the Calendula-infused RBO I've had sitting on the window sill for 7 weeks. Otherwise nothing fancy but good to get something in the mould again!
  17. KiwiSoap

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I am sad at the loss of your Daphne and Ylang Ylang soap, I remember the magical glycerine rivers creating heavenly halos, but this new soap is a cause for celebration! Congratulations, stunning work yet again!!
  18. KiwiSoap

    My first hanger swirl

    You are blazing through your soaping lessons, @Mobjack Bay! Keep up the brilliant work, and keep on sharing, it inspires me to push mine (a little) further too!
  19. KiwiSoap

    Is this stuff OK for pull-through method?

    I use PVC non-slip mats for covering my soap airing racks and have not seen any ill effects so far (I'm 99% sure I saw PVC as an acceptable material for working with soap which was why I chose it), but @dibbles provides sound advice as always :) Can't wait to see what you create next!
  20. KiwiSoap

    not totally mixed

    It may not have gone to plan but looks like a nice result (to my poorly trained eye!) Sounds a good plan to give it a week before zap testing, hope it turns out nicely and you can get clean again after work!