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    Has anyone ever had their partial gel...fall out?

    So I cut a bunch of bars into thirds as little samples (what i usually do with soap that's a bit too imperfect to sell) and about six hours later was walking by and noticed the partial gel ring of one looked *really* defined. Picked it up and tugged lightly and it just sort of, popped off. The...
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    Just extreme soda ash on these salt bars?

    Salt bars have been weird for me in general. They are always lovely to use after a nice long cure, but as for appearance and cutting, it's always a little bit wonky. All my salt soap gets soda ash and a sort of white film to some degree, which i think is just the nature of them because of you...
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    Two Halloween-y soaps

    Had the hankering to do something with a little bit of a fancy/mounded top and came up with these. Candied Fairy Apple and Graveyard Pumpkin
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    First attempt at a landscape soap.

    Used my standard recipe, let it firm up and piped the pumpkin and vines/grass. Will for sure pipe grass differently in the future, but over all i think i'm pleased The colours should darken over the next few days because of the Pumpkin Souffle FO. Got some drag marks, but that should be fixed...
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    Longtime lurker , first time poster

    Hey there. Figured i'd leave some of my newest babies here. Been soaping for 8+ years despite the baby profile.