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    Is there a Plumber in the house? Whole House Water Filter System Spin-Down Filter Woes

    It’s very likely the o-ring is worn and/or dirty. You could wrap some duct tape around it and then try your strap wrench. Taking a piece of duct tape and folding it in half, so both sides are sticky, and sticking between the filter and the strap wrench should stop it from slipping. That or put a...
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    Zany's 100% Coconut Laundry LS

    I’m thinking that the clear liquid is probably glycerin that formed and separated. Normally you would be stirring it and you wouldn’t get that separation. And for laundry soap, glycerin isn’t really useful but is really useful in other soaps. I would put it aside and try to use it somewhere else.
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    Reheating Oils

    TashaBird - the reheating can sometimes be tricky. I work with a lot of butters and hard oils. I found that I had been way over heating them to get the batches clear. Reheating to a lower temp will require a lot of stirring and might be an option if you have a stick blender to break up the large...
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    Reheating Oils

    So with you MB you should keep in mind some of the basics. Storing your oils and fats in cool temps and with little air in air tight containers will help them from oxidizing and going bad. While some oils have amazing shelf life, others would go bad faster in warmer and open air situations. I...
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    What is Yoni soap? What makes a soap safe for the vagina ?

    Warning would be nice. Unfortunately curiosity got the better of me. Good information to know but not quite as helpful to me 🤣
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    Bulk Apothecary scent issue

    Lebermuth’s minimum order is $500? I am not sure how many people are moving that much product on this site, but I know I probably won’t be seeing that anytime soon.