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  1. soaring1

    Drizzling Honey MP over fresh CP Soap

    I made a fresh batch of CP Oatmeal Honey Soap and want to drizzle some Honey MP Soap over the top of the honeycomb like tops. Do I wait until my soap is cured 6-8 weeks or can I do it now. Wondering if it would effect the curing if done now while the soap is fresh. Never used MP before.
  2. soaring1

    Aroma Air Fresheners

    I have been messing around with aroma beads and using all of my free sample fragrance oils. Added some glass beads or pieces of amber to each shape. Finished with a braided cord. Works wonderful in my car and I even have them hanging in the closets. Sis and BIL like them also
  3. soaring1

    Lard Soap and what happened

    This gal wanted to have me make her some lard soap out of her rendered lard. I thought it smelled but not familiar with lard. There was brown residue in the bottom of her pans which I steered clear away from and did not use. 1st time trying Lard. Lard 49.3% of oils Hi Oleic Safflower 21.3%...
  4. soaring1

    Fun with Felting Soaps

    Love to try different things with my soap, so I felted some of them. 1st time felting for me. Cold Process, Left to Right, Cracklin Birch, Twilight (Tobacco & Bay Leaf), Rose Sandalwood
  5. soaring1

    Yikes! Household Hazardous Materials (HHM) permit?

    I am from Iowa. I received in the mail today a large card from the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) reminding me of a (HHM) retailer permit requirement. Iowa law requires all retailers who sell (HHM's) to purchase a permit. (Chapter 455F Section 7 Code of Iowa). retail locations...
  6. soaring1

    Wedding Shower Favors

    I was asked to do a few wedding shower favors for a mother of the bride. I had a lot of fun with the labels to make it special for her daughter. The soap is a oatmeal, coconut milk and honey soap scented with Orange, Vanilla and a dash of clove bud. Smells heavenly. The lotion bar is scented...
  7. soaring1

    In Shower Lotion Bar

    I love these for a quick moisturizer after my shower. Just rub your skin while wet and towel off. Made with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Meadow Foam Oil, Argan Oil, Mango Butter and Essential Oil. I am calling this Lavender Dream's using Lavender 40/42 and Ylang Ylang.
  8. soaring1

    Where do I put pieces of soap in my bathroom

    I don't know if anyone else has my problem with too many pieces of soap in their bathrooms. I was counting when I had to move them all to clean and I have 11 different ones. I am like a little kid in needing to try a piece when the soap is cured. Which one am I using tonight? One on this...
  9. soaring1

    Thoughts on Yucca Schidigera Juice in Soap

    I was wanting your thoughts on using Yucca Schidigera Juice as the liquid in a soap batch. I have a Premium Food Grade Concentrate, that you mix with distilled Water to take internally or what ever you wanted. Just had a thought on what it would bring to soap as we sometimes use aloe vera juice...
  10. soaring1

    Question on my 7 month Bastille Soap

    I have family that wanted a soap with no essential oils or fragrance. I infused Chamomile in Virgin Olive Oil and infused Lavandin buds in Virgin Olive Oil to make two different batches. My Chamomile Bastille has dreaded dos just on the outside as I cut a bar in half. Not bad. The Lavandin is...
  11. soaring1

    Husband talking Soaper language

    My dear heart came home from work to eat lunch with me today and was talking about me needing to get busy and make another batch of Fisherman's/Hunter's soap and he would like me to make some Mechanic's Soap with a zesty smelling essential oil. My response to him was, "Look at you talking like...
  12. soaring1

    My other Crafts

    First stained glass piece was a parrot. My step-mother got him. First attempt in copper. A butterfly. My grandson latched onto it. Misc. pieces that are just hanging out.
  13. soaring1

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Sandy, I recently retired early from my 25 year job. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I have seven grandchildren that spend a lot of time at our farm. I work at being a farmers wife, process all of our own fruits and vegetables and have made cold process soap for a couple of...