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    Silicone mold making

    Just thought I would share. I had no idea making my own silicone molds for embeds was so easy. I used Soft 107 silicone from MPK Enterprises. It cost me $42 including the shipping for 2 pounds of the stuff. This used about one quarter of it? . . . maybe less. I wanted small round embeds so I...
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    Palm Oil vs. Homogenized Palm oil

    Does anyone have experience with Soapers Choice Homogenized Palm oil? I want to buy larger amounts of Palm but can't figure out how to melt and stir it before each use. I see that they have homogenized no stir Palm but don't know if it will have any affect on my soap. Any thoughts and...
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    First attempt at piping...

    My first attempt at piping soap. I think I waited a little to long but got a good feel for it. I made a rainbow colored soap and added the last little bit of each color to the inside of the piping bag. It is scented with MMS Champagne Sugar and it smells divine!
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    Other Hobbies

    Turning wood and acrylic on my mini lathe. I buy all the components from a store called woodcraft near my home. A perfume pen, a stone composite pen and an acrylic pen. A .50 Caliber bullet shell with turned wooden pen tops. I used ebony wood to turn the top of...
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    What to charge?

    I got an order today for 100 lip balms of various flavors. They want me to put their company name, logo and phone number on them as they will be giving them away to their clients. I am getting $2 for each lip balm tube but don't know what to charge to creating a new label with their logo and...
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    Posting error?

    This is a test. I am not able to leave comments on anyones posts. Hmmm seems to be working now.
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    MMS order arrived today!

    I'll be busy soaping on Friday! I ordered some new 1oz FO to see if I like any of them and I have to say that Sensual is amazing! I love it and so does my DH (yay!) I do not care for the Monkey Farts or the 21, they both smell like a sweet buttercream frosting to me. I think I'll save them for...
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    Who do you use?.....

    I am having a logo created for my business and am so excited! I want to switch to having my labels created professionally but don't have a clue who to contact. Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appreciated?!!!!!
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    New Technique

    I saw a link I think was posted by DanaHuff and thought I would give it a try. I like it. I used Flowerbomb which is an amazing scent, expensive but amazing. It did move a little fast for me but I managed. Thanks DanaHuff. Here is the link
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    Leather FO

    Who has the best Leather FO? I was invited to set up a booth at a Biker/Tattoo fundraiser in 5 weeks ;-) Any other scent suggestions are welcome . . . .
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    Looking for an emulsified sugar scrub....

    That's not waxy. I found one on the net that uses Almond and Avocado oil, Shea, Mango and Cocoa butters. Ewax, Stearic Acid and beeswax. I made it and it left a layer of wax on my hands so I added a bunch more Oil, sugar and some Hydrovance and Vitamin E. It's much butter but I am wondering if...
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    Wishful thinking....

    I wish we could see a map with dots/pins showing where all of us soapers were located. It would be fun to see where everyone is all over the world and it would be nice to have local meet and greets. I know that the local beekeepers have a site they can go to to see where all the local bee yards are.
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    Your Curing Area

    Just curious what everyones soap curing area look like! Here are two of my shelves :razz:
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    Just want to say.... LOVE MAKING LOTION!

    OMG I had no idea making lotion was sooooo easy! I made some unscented lotion today with ingredients I already had here. I had family visiting from CT and over for dinner and I told them to each pick out a scent they liked. I mixed the scent with lotion in steralized custard cups and put them...
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    Green Shea Butter?!!!

    I buy my shea butter in 5 pound blocks from Essential Depot. I love thier products and quality but.... I just opened a block of shea butter and it has a slight green tint to it. It smells and feels great but as I melted it and strained it into a bucket (it's organic and unrefined so there is...
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    Essential Depot sale on Cocoa Butter

    Organic Cocoa Butter - Unrefined - smells like chocolate! It's all 70% off.
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    Sharing a tip....

    On how I keep my work surface clean and safe from raw soap for free. Whenever I shop at Costco I pick up a couple of the large brown cardboard sheets that sit between the stacks of papertowles and toilet paper. They are more like heavy duty construction paper and they are FREE! They are perfect...
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    Show and Tell :-)

    Just showing a few of my soaps. They are Sandalwood/Vanilla, Black Rasberry/Vanilla and Lemongrass/Lavender
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    Lip Balm Pots

    Help! How in the world does one label the tiny 1/4 ounce lip balm pots and heart shaped pots? I want to make some for an upcoming craft show. Thanks in advance :)
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    Awesome sale on food grade Lye

    The Essential Depot has a great sale this week on food grade lye. I think it ends on Friday but if you buy 32 pounds it is only $1.04 a pound! If you spend $100 you get $20 off of your total order too. Just FYI :D...