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    Has anyone ever had their partial gel...fall out?

    So I cut a bunch of bars into thirds as little samples (what i usually do with soap that's a bit too imperfect to sell) and about six hours later was walking by and noticed the partial gel ring of one looked *really* defined. Picked it up and tugged lightly and it just sort of, popped off. The...
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    Dirt Roots

    Wow! Fantastic job. These really take me back to painting Ukrainian Easter eggs as a child!
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    How many soap makers get insurance?

    For me it's really an issue of peace of mind. I've been making soap for a good long while and am fairly confident I can catch any soap that's unfit for use before it ever got close to being sold. That said, different people react differently to different products and on top of that there are...
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    Just extreme soda ash on these salt bars?

    Salt bars have been weird for me in general. They are always lovely to use after a nice long cure, but as for appearance and cutting, it's always a little bit wonky. All my salt soap gets soda ash and a sort of white film to some degree, which i think is just the nature of them because of you...
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    Two Halloween-y soaps

    Had the hankering to do something with a little bit of a fancy/mounded top and came up with these. Candied Fairy Apple and Graveyard Pumpkin
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    Milky Way soap

    So pretty. I'd honestly be tempted to just embrace the holes, they almost look like space geodes.
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    Sweet iced tea soap (Hanger swirl with Cold process + Melt and pour)

    I'm not sure if you get this down under, but your soap INSTANTLY brought me back to my childhood summers.
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    Fruit cocktail soap!

    So pretty! Your journal also looks a lot less...insane and the sketches much less crudely drawn than mine o_O
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    I think this is my favourite design for fresh poured pictures.

    Thanks! I've made it several times, but recently started upping the amount of colourant I use and i really think it makes a difference!
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    First attempt at a landscape soap.

    Used my standard recipe, let it firm up and piped the pumpkin and vines/grass. Will for sure pipe grass differently in the future, but over all i think i'm pleased The colours should darken over the next few days because of the Pumpkin Souffle FO. Got some drag marks, but that should be fixed...
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    Longtime lurker , first time poster

    I usually do this too, but this was a sample (Serenity from brambleberry) and I took it as a personal challenge to see if I could make it work with a squirty top swirl. About 1/5 of the the batter wound up hardening in the bottle, so chemistry kind of won that one.😆 But people liked the design...
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    Longtime lurker , first time poster

    Ty:3 You know, that seems to be everyone's favourite. I used a new FO when I made it and it moved way faster than I thought it would so I was sure it was going to turn out dreadfully. Life is weird, lol.
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    Longtime lurker , first time poster

    Hey there. Figured i'd leave some of my newest babies here. Been soaping for 8+ years despite the baby profile.
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    My first shaving soap is a success!

    So, I've been playing around a lot with shaving soap the last few weeks, and it actually motivated me to make an account and not just lurk. After making some 100% K and 60 40 dual lye mini batches I tried something different. 20% k 80% Na. 10% shea, 40% coconut , 50% stearic with some silk and...