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  1. soaring1

    CinnaMint lip balm - combine with what?

    Butter Creme flavor goes wonderful with Blah flavors. I made a Raspberry Butter Creme in Lip Balms and Lip Glosses and they are very well liked.
  2. soaring1

    Soap donations?

    They really appreciate it. I have even donated some body butters that the scent wasn't going over well. Counselor emailed me and said the Vets loved it. Guess the poor guys and gals they see don't have access to handmade products.
  3. soaring1

    Soap donations?

    Veterans Association, go see a counselor. They love to have homemade soaps to pass out to the Vets
  4. soaring1

    When is the right time to put stuff in and about metal with soap?

    You could also go to a hardware store and get sheets of plastic light louvers and cut them to fit your shelving. Easy to clean.
  5. soaring1

    Oat Milk, Oatmeal and Flaxseed

    I love this. Rustic and natural
  6. soaring1

    Bath & Body Play Time!

    I made some single use sugar scrub cubes. Liked how the hearts turned out so smooth. I can get 2 and sometimes 3 uses out of each cube.
  7. soaring1

    yesterdays soap

    Breathtaking! Love the colors
  8. soaring1

    Drizzling Honey MP over fresh CP Soap

    Thank you Dawni and Irish Lass. I decided to wait on the drizzling the MP as when I opened up the tiny bit of Honey MP it was a clear color and I didn't like the odor. Guess it didn't smell like real soap like I am used to. Will check around to see if I can find some Honey colored Honey MP.
  9. soaring1

    Drizzling Honey MP over fresh CP Soap

    I made a fresh batch of CP Oatmeal Honey Soap and want to drizzle some Honey MP Soap over the top of the honeycomb like tops. Do I wait until my soap is cured 6-8 weeks or can I do it now. Wondering if it would effect the curing if done now while the soap is fresh. Never used MP before.
  10. soaring1

    Orange and Peppermint

    Oh, I love the look of them.
  11. soaring1

    Aroma Air Fresheners

    I have been messing around with aroma beads and using all of my free sample fragrance oils. Added some glass beads or pieces of amber to each shape. Finished with a braided cord. Works wonderful in my car and I even have them hanging in the closets. Sis and BIL like them also
  12. soaring1

    First Needle Felted Soap

    Love your colors! You did a wonderful job
  13. soaring1

    March 2019 SMF Challenge - Felted Soap

    Love your fish, landscape and soaps you made with your granddaughter! So talented and unique designs.
  14. soaring1

    Have Faith, New Soapers. There are Angels out there. I’ve seen one!

    This is beyond uplifting. Remember to pass it on sometime in your life even if it is only a act of kindness.
  15. soaring1

    Alpaca Fibre in Soap?

    I have used Alpaca roving and tussah silk 50/50. Everything dissolved for me. Have to pick it apart to put in the water. So can't say it was all Alpaca
  16. soaring1

    What I did Saturday

    :thumbs: Stunning
  17. soaring1

    Charcoal & Lavender

    Love the elegant blackness of the charcoal. Mine are the same deep color using 2 rounded tsp per ppo of coconut carbon powder. Mine never gel either. Must be the charcoal preventing gel.
  18. soaring1

    That 60's soap

    Very pretty with the spring colors.
  19. soaring1

    What I did today.

    Beautiful Colors! Love the Gold mica swirl