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    First attempt at piping...

    I used the sample pack and actually added white to each to mute them a little. I had a customer ask for a pastel colored rainbow. Thanks for the nice remarks :)
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    Silicone mold making

    I also made molds out of some pencil top erasers! These are almost 2" tall
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    Silicone mold making

    I used Soft 107 from MPK Enterprises and so far I have only done melt and pour in the molds I have made so no I have not frozen them. When I do regular cold process soap I am sure I will freeze them after cure to remove.
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    Silicone mold making

    Yes I used fresh fruit and then tossed them into the compost pile. I also did a blackberry mold. The blackberry in the picture is made of Melt and Pour soap.
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    Silicone mold making

    No I did not freeze it first. I did not even wash it. I should have planned a little better and covered more of the berry but I did not know how easy it would be to take it out. It was sooooooooooooo easy.
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    Silicone mold making

    Here is a picture my daughter took of the fake one (on the bottom) and a real strawberry.
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    Silicone mold making

    Just thought I would share. I had no idea making my own silicone molds for embeds was so easy. I used Soft 107 silicone from MPK Enterprises. It cost me $42 including the shipping for 2 pounds of the stuff. This used about one quarter of it? . . . maybe less. I wanted small round embeds so I...
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    Fruit loop soap with mica top

    Very pretty. I just got my fruit loop fo today! Can't wait to try it out.
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    Palm Oil vs. Homogenized Palm oil

    Does anyone have experience with Soapers Choice Homogenized Palm oil? I want to buy larger amounts of Palm but can't figure out how to melt and stir it before each use. I see that they have homogenized no stir Palm but don't know if it will have any affect on my soap. Any thoughts and...
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    First attempt at piping...

    Thanks guys. This was also the first soap I did CPOP all the way. It really made the texture harder and very smooth. I like it and will do it again.
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    First attempt at piping...

    Not a great picture but here it is with the end cut off. The colors are very vibrant.
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    So I bought a fancy piece of soap...

    Wow thanks for posting. It is amazing to see the differences in prices and quality. I do the same thing and buy an occasional expensive bar to see what it is all about. You always learn something from it.
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    First attempt at piping...

    My first attempt at piping soap. I think I waited a little to long but got a good feel for it. I made a rainbow colored soap and added the last little bit of each color to the inside of the piping bag. It is scented with MMS Champagne Sugar and it smells divine!
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    A question for all you bee keeper people :)

    My side yard yesterday. My husband used my laser thermal thermometer to check that the bees were still alive. It worked and he figured out where in the hive the ball of bees were. They form a ball around the queen to keep her warm all winter. Yes I agree that raw honey is amazing! Of course I am...
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    Guy or girl?

    I'm a girl but my son (24) likes to make soap occasionally with me.
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    Ugliest soap ever! - first attempt of swirling, using fragrance oil and sodium lactat

    I love them. They look like Rootbeer Floats to me!
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    Coffee Soap

    They look very nice! Did you use Coffee FO or Coffee Butter? I have about a pound of coffee butter but don't know what I want to make with it yet....
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    Failed bath melts

    Fizzing Bath Melts I use un-deoderized cocoa butter, baking soda, citric acid, Lavender EO and a touch of almond oil. The scent of chocolate and lavender is heaven! They fizz and melt in the tub and keep very well as long as you are not holding them because the do melt in your hands.
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    Dental soap

    What about 85% OO, 10% Cocoa Butter and 5% Palm Kernel Oil? I wanted to have something in the soapcalc cleansing column..... I made a 6oz batch of it tonight HP and added a few drops of Peppermint EO. DH and I are going to give it a try in the morning.