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  1. Zany_in_CO

    First time adding hemp oil & stearic acid; thoughts? EDIT: Updated Image

    :thumbup: LOL That is, if you don't mind waiting 3 months to cure! Not me! No thank you! Look at the "Recipe Properties". Compare the values of your formula with the recommended range. An INS of 132 falls waaay short of the ideal INS 160, so-called "perfect soap". I don't want to rain on your...
  2. Zany_in_CO

    Hello everyone

    ABS (African Black Soap) lovely stuff. I've done that. Best to start a new thread in the Liquid Soap Forum so others can chime in. ;) Best to start a new thread about that too. Both subjects have been discussed many times before. Look for the magnifying glass at the top right of this page to...
  3. Zany_in_CO

    Help create a natural apple goat milk soap

    Could you please adopt me? Your farm sounds like this soaper's dream -- everything within reach to make and sell wonderful soap! Lard makes wonderful soap all by itself. Google "Grandma's Old Fashion Lye Soap" for inspiraton. (Ingredients: Lard (food grade), Water (aqua), & Sodium Hydroxide...
  4. Zany_in_CO

    Transparent liquid soap becoming opaque at low temperature

    :thumbs:Good advice from @ResolvableOwl! I can't help you. We don't use those ingredients to make lye-based liquid soap. You are in the lye-based liquid soap forum. You will get more responses if you start a new thread in the Bath and Body Forum. ;)
  5. Zany_in_CO

    Rebatch advice needed

    Awww. So sorry to see that. BUT! All is not lost. It looks like a perfect candidate for rebatching. If the batch is less than 2 weeks old, no extra liquid is needed. Depending on your recipe, either water or milk can be added for best results. I like to do it in the oven but you can also use a...
  6. Zany_in_CO

    Cold Process soap sweating

    YAY! I am doing the Happy Soaper's Dance for you!
  7. Zany_in_CO

    palm kernel oil versus palm oil

    If you have PKO (Palm Kernal Oil) available as well as palm oil, just those 2 ingredients make a lovely soap. PKO is a good sub for Coconut oil to add lather and hardness to your batches. Use the default settings on soapcalc and make small 500g/16 oz batches to start with. You can tweak to your...
  8. Zany_in_CO

    Sea Buckthorn Moon Cakes

    Excellent video presentation! You should give lessons on how to do it right!!! Perfect little facial soaps! Nice choice of ingredients. VERY inspirational!
  9. Zany_in_CO

    Hello from Wales, UK

  10. Zany_in_CO

    What is the hardest soap you have ever made?

    I'm glad you mentioned that. :thumbs: I thought it might be just me, but I'm impressed by how long lasting ZNSC is. I use it AM & PM to wash my face daily. Not only does it last, but it keeps it shape and doesn't get mushy or soft near the end like my other soaps do. That being said, for your...
  11. Zany_in_CO

    Advice please

    Here is a "starter" formula, that once you make the basic recipe successfully, and understand the 3 legs of the formula and what each brings to the final result, you can tweak it to your heart's content -- sub different oils, add color, add fragrance, add milk powder as well as other dry...
  12. Zany_in_CO

    Where does everyone cure their soap??

    I cure my batches in the Laundry Room for a couple of weeks to keep an eye on them. Then they move to the guest bedroom. It smells so good when you walk in. So says everyone who happens in there. 😆
  13. Zany_in_CO

    Column pour

  14. Zany_in_CO

    Some VERY ugly soap 🤦

    That's a significant positive. I bet it lathers well too. :thumbs:
  15. Zany_in_CO

    Question About Solid Dish Soap

    My pleasure! :nodding: @DeeAnna 's Soapy Stuff, of course! ;) NaOH or KOH Purity Check
  16. Zany_in_CO

    another ROE and DOS thread

    Not all ROE is the same. As Swift Crafty Monkey says in the attached PDF, use ROE at the rate your supplier recommends. For example:
  17. Zany_in_CO

    Question About Solid Dish Soap

    SHORT STORY: Here's how I found the best dish washing soap. It doesn't matter which soap you use, just fill the sink with warm to hot water. Throw in a cuddle of salt (as much as fits in the cup of your hand); swish it around to dissolve it; then "wash" your bar of soap in it until you have...
  18. Zany_in_CO

    Overwhelmed beginner

    Haha. @amd You ought to try that! I just did and the search result was everything except "beginning recipes". I'm not picking on you, just shaking my head and laughing. When I read that, I thought, "What? Where? Am I missing something?" 😆 The rest of your post gets 2 :thumbup: :thumbup...
  19. Zany_in_CO

    Thoughts on a “certain soap franchise” in the US

    My guess is they are doing what the commercial soaps do, i.e, buying the "noodles", processing them (rebatch) with any additives, color and fragrance of choice. Since the noodles are fully cured, I can assume this 3-day-old soap is every bit as good as what I have on my curing shelf now. Of...