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    which hand blender do you recommand?

    Bought a $20 one, went dead after couple months of use. Should I get a pricey one? will they work better and last longer?
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    lye pockets???

    Are they lye pockets?? Found them in 2 slices out of 14. I made this batch with honey which was not completely liquefied when i added it after trace. Just hope that those are honey. Do i have to throw the whole batch away?
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    oil spots on top of soap

    before unmolding, i found oily spots on top of my soap. i still cut it after 30hrs in the mold. no oily places in the centre or sides, just those few on top. What could be the problem?
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    looking for recipes......

    Are there any recipes that have no animal fats, no palm and no coconut oil?? And also inexpensive. TIA
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    coconut oil allergy??

    Can someone without any problems consuming coconut food be allergic to coconut oil? After a Week of use of my soap (around 30% of CO), my son started to feel itchy at his back, but no rash. Is that CO allergy?
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    lye and water mixture

    What are those floating on top? Can i still use the mixture?
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    I've made a few batches of soap so far. Even with a 10% SF, I still don't feel my skin moisturized. I always see people claim their soaps will make the skin silky smooth and soft. Mine won't. Maybe I am so used to the petroleum layer that left behind on my skin by those commercial body...