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    Adding Sea Salt to Clear Glycerin Soap Base

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    Mermaid Tail Swirl Fail

    Tried a new swirl technique to make mermaid tails ...Did not go as planned obviously. Mermaid or whale 🐋 Tail ? Lol Any hoo try try again. That's the fun part of it all .
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    Non Toxic Fragrance Oils

    :thumbs::) Thank you , I do need to get educated on it . I'm a pastry chef by trade and by all studies on sugar I should be considered a drug dealer LOL but all in moderation ! I'll learn more about the terminology and the way they are tested. I do like fragrance very much .
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    Adding Sea Salt to Clear Glycerin Soap Base

    Hi , Everyone , I hear that adding salt to a soap can help release soap from molds faster but what benefit does salt have adding to clear glycerin facial soap . Does it have skin benefits? DLF
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    Non Toxic Fragrance Oils

    Hello , I am a new soap maker . I usually use essential oils and natural colorants to soap . I am disappointed how quickly they fade however. Can any one recommend any fragrance oils they feel are very safe to use ? Fragrances that do not have any carcinogens listed in their ingredients ? I know...