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  1. neonstudy

    SMF February 2020 Challenge (Ione Swirl) - entry thread

    Here is my first try, it's scented with Midnight Waters by Brambleberry. It has activated charcoal, the dark blue is a pigment and the light blue is mica. I used less coconut oil than normal to keep the recipe more fluid for longer.
  2. neonstudy

    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    One time I made a soap that I wanted to have rainbow colors, and since I didn't think I'd have enough time to mix all the different colors, I just did mica in oil for the colors. It turned out pretty well. I wonder if something like this could be done for this challenge, like just have batter...
  3. neonstudy

    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    I just cut my first attempt, and wow, I have way too many accent colors. It's one dark blobby swirl. I might make a second batch, but this one with other colors, and way less accent color.
  4. neonstudy

    What makes lard trace slow?

    I always thought INS was a good indicator of how slow something traces. So aim for low INS number for slower trace. Achieve this by using lard, and reducing coconut oil.
  5. neonstudy

    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    1. Mobjack Bay- totally looking forward to this one! 2. AliOop 3. Pepsi Girl 4. MarnieSoapien - New swirls!! 5. dibbles - Love a hanger swirl! 6. Cellador- I'll give it a try....wheeeee! 7. szaza - count me in! 8. Nona'sFarm 9. Kosmerta- I am very excited for this challenge! 10. Kcryss - Can't...
  6. neonstudy

    Superfat issue

    When I first started making soap, I experimented a lot with different soap recipes and different superfat percentages. I think I went up to 15% for a well rounded soap recipe (meaning not castille, not salt coconut soap, just one with blend of hard and soft oils). I think if you are using the...
  7. neonstudy

    Syndet Shampoo Bar Recipe?

    My syndet bars do get smushy. I've tried adding stearic acid, tried adding sodium lactate. Still haven't found the perfect recipe yet. All of mine leave a bit of crunchiness or some sort of deposit on my hair that I don't like. Most recent bar: Total (g) 180 (grams) 37.5% SCI 67.5g 20% CB 36g...
  8. neonstudy

    SMF April 2018 Challenge - Sous Vide (HP) Soap swirling!

    11. neonstudy - Wow HP in a bag, count me in!
  9. neonstudy

    Help Wanted Please

    I agree that you should re-batch with extra oil. If you want to post your soapcalc recipe we can help with this calculation.
  10. neonstudy

    The Un-Challenge March 2018

    Thank you for sharing your story. I just listened to the song on Spotify, very powerful. One song that I love in a similar vein is K''s Choice called I'm an Addict. Have you heard it?
  11. neonstudy

    Any Interest in a Casual Challenge?

    I love this idea! I'm going to do Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace. No idea how to make a soap with that theme but I'll try. :)
  12. neonstudy

    February SMF Challenge- Soap dough

    I really loved seeing everyone's work! Thanks for organizing this challenge!
  13. neonstudy

    February SMF Challenge- Soap dough

    I really loved looking at everyone's entries, and hearing about the process. Very imaginative!
  14. neonstudy

    February Challenge Entry Thread

    Here is my entry, my first time with soap dough. I made a floral cane, and wasn't too happy with how it came out, so ended up making some simple flowers. It's scented with Femme Fatale from Nurture soap.
  15. Soap Dough Flowers

    Soap Dough Flowers

  16. Spring Garden loaf

    Spring Garden loaf

  17. Spring Garden

    Spring Garden

  18. neonstudy

    February SMF Challenge- Soap dough

    I made my first batch of soap dough about a week ago. It was the sorcery soap one, and the texture was pretty good. I tried making flowers in a cane, but they ended up looking weird. I finally made some simple daisies. They're not bad, but nothing to write home about.
  19. neonstudy

    Preferred Chelating Agents

    I just finished making soap with varying amounts of citric acid. I used 0, 1, 2 and 3% citric acid, and added extra lye to compensate as per blog posting by classic bells about citric acid. I was hoping that the 3% citric acid would be outrageous, and I'd have weird crystals, or blobby soap, or...
  20. neonstudy

    February SMF Challenge- Soap dough

    16. neonstudy