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    Scent Retention in Long Cures

    How do you get on scent review board? There are people who have been tryin for months but can't find signup or contact links.
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    Eliminating ash

    I get ash randomly - gel or not gelled. I think it's sugar content and heavy butters that contributes. Also I think sometimes what looks like ash is just oxidation. Sometimes the surfaces of my soap dry out but are fine once I plane them.
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    Using fragrances vs essential oils

    That don't mean a thing. People mispost. Also I never know what forum it's In, I don't check cuz I only read the current threads in the sidebar.
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    Oil Seeping from Castile Soap after 24 hrs in Mold

    After tomorrow zap test it. If it tests neutral it might just be essential oil leaking on the surface. also it could be glycerin that formed. also yes, it could have overheated - do you have any cracking or crackle marks? That sometimes indicates overheating as well.
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    2nd batch of soap and Berlin Phil's blue arm

    /me eagerly awaits part two of this story. Whatever happened to Phil's arm ? Tatoo, blue ink.. could it be spilled India Ink? 0.o
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    Using fragrances vs essential oils

    Essential oils are not natural fragrances. They are the oils of the plants and fruits they are taken from. So they are essentially liquid plant matter. Keep that in mind when you scent. The experienced members of this forum will tell you no more then 3% of EO in your cold process batter; also 5%...
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    Soap Forming a Shiny Thin Layer

    I've had that on my soaps. I'm not sure what it is but I think it may just be oxidation. As long as its fine underneath you should be okay.
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    gel phase?

    Yep. Almost complete gel, the heat didn't quite make it to the outside.
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    gel phase?

    Can you post a picture of the inside of your soap vs the top? It's hard to see with the picture you posted. Also, can you say what is "weird" about the inside?
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    WSP 8oz FO's gone??

    Thats true Vanessa but they could have found other bottling options. 8 oz is a popular size. Also I know of two other fragrance suppliers who have thier prices fixed at roughly 2.60 per ounce or 8 dollars for 4 oz. all things considered, wsp just made themselves less desirable as a fragrance...
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    How big are your CP Soaps?

    It's 50 ounces. It makes bars 2.25" tall by 3 3/8" wide it makes 10 one inch bars
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    Room Temperature Soaping

    I usually perfer the freezer because hot stuff cools quickly and helps prevent gel. Like kazmi I got partial gel when I put soap in the fridge. I like the freezer, but of course it's a matter of preference.
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    My New Soap Stamp!

    Thanks! I've looked at HersShop for stamps. Good to know they make them well. I will look into them further when I am ready!
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    Tank (Crafts Sake) or Multi-bar cutter (Brambleberry)

    I second one of Bud's cutters, that is the one I am saving for. He has two frame styles, one is a tank style. He will also space the wires to your specs if you have a width you want other then 1" or 1 1/4." He has a lot of good reviews and he does custom work. At half the cost of the tank, I...
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    Room Temperature Soaping

    I get gel at room temperature. Heat is an automatic reaction of lye and oil. I think season soaped is yanking your chain or does gel and doesn't say so. If you don't want gel freeze your soaps for a few hours then move them to the fridge over night.
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    How big are your CP Soaps?

    Yeah the two pack is really genius ruby. Great idea actually. I for my sizes, I will be selling the mold I just bought. It's a touch too small. Just bought one that's just the right size. Bars will be 3.5x2.5 and I will cut them 1 1/8 thick.
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    My New Soap Stamp!

    Thats really beautiful pj! Do you mind if I ask where you got it?
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    Need soap planer/beveler - any suggestions?

    I looked at mandolins and in the end it was less expensive to buy the planer. Also tried my cheese planer but the wire wasn't strong enough. Soap planer it is!
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    Need soap planer/beveler - any suggestions?

    I finally just ordered one on Etsy. It has a single blade on the box, and I think a couple grooves for beveling. I would have preferred no grooves but we will see how it works.
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    Juried Markets

    A recent "craft fair" in my town saw only two handcrafters and two dozen reseller retailers. When I inquired about it someone said,"what do you think a craft fair is?". The person was annoyed I would question it. My response: "I don't know, crafts??"