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    March 2020 Challenge: inlaid soap design

    Ok. I have started experimenting on some bars I had lying around. Melt and pour bars are easily carved ( with a metal kebab skewer) and filled with REALLY liquid melt and pour. You just have to be careful the bar doesn't soften from over-working it. I have also had success carving 100% coconut...
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    March 2020 Challenge: inlaid soap design

    Sign Up List 1. Primrose - something I have been meaning to try! 2. Mobjack Bay - excited to give this a try! 3. dibbles - time to embrace the mess I know I'll make! 4. bookreader451 - I just purchased clay carving tools. I am better at art than hanger swirls. 5. Arimara - I need to bum some...
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    SMF February 2020 Challenge (Ione Swirl) - entry thread

    This is my entry. I went with my second attempt 'By the Fire'. 20200227_182707 by Callie posted Feb 27, 2020 at 6:29 PM This was a 1:1:1 Olive oil, Coconut Oil and Tallow Soap. I used a 1:2 lye to water ratio and added sodium lactate to be sure I wouldn't mangle the loaf unmoulding. The...
  4. 20200227_182707


    By the Fire
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    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    I'm not sure I think I like By the Fire best, but my Mum and Hubby like the Peony one. I might see if I can get some better pictures of By the Fire this afternoon.
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    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    These are my three attempts. I really need to work on my photography skills! 20200226_084027 by Callie posted Feb 27, 2020 at 8:43 AM The first was Raspberry Dreams. I used a bit of TD in the cream section and Bubblegum, Elegance and Graphite mica from Bath Bomb World in the other three. There...
  7. 20200226_084027


    Raspberry Dreams
  8. 20200226_084554


    By the Fire
  9. 20200226_084718


    Jasmine and Wild Peony
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    SMF February 2020 challenge - Ione swirl

    21. Callie - I hope it isn't to late to join the fun!
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    Anyone had success with a melt and pour base from scratch?

    I think that if you are going to go down the route of using SLS and the acids rather than oil, you might be better off purchasing ready made melt and pour base. Both of my recipies had a lovely lather, it is just about perfecting the solvents, which I think you have done. I would give it another...
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    Anyone had success with a melt and pour base from scratch?

    Hi Mel I have been playing with melt and pour recipies based on a combination of Coconut, Palm and Castor oil or Coconut, Palm and Sunflower Oil with the addition of Glycerin, PG and Sugar Syrup (50% sugar/50% water). My attempts have all ended up sweaty (we get some nasty humidity here on the...
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    soap that riced

    That looks fantastic
  14. 20190210_173808


    Bees with Melt and Pour from Scratch 1 and BB Pure Honey FO
  15. 20190210_124439


    Lava Soap with BB Mayan Gold FO
  16. 20190117_185421


    Puppy Soap with Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and Rosemary EO
  17. 20190212_152231


    Melt and Pour from Scratch 1
  18. 20190211_114004


    Strawberry Soap with BB Strawberry and Sunripened Raspberry FOs
  19. 20190212_152251


    Melt and Pour from Scratch 2
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    Is this DOS?

    Thanks for that. I would prefer something washable and reusable. I have fabric I can recycle into some nice liners. I will just have to figure out where on earth I have stashed my overlooker!