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  1. songwind

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    I buy mine from, but you have to buy at least 7lbs. You can also order it from Amazon but it's pretty expensive that way. Yep, lard is lard. I haven't personally made a shaving soap with lard, but in theory it should be possible. You could try to do it that way, but...
  2. songwind

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Tallow, lard, or castor oil will make it creamier. The bubbly factor is largely due to the coconut oil, so I'd look at reducing that moreso than the stearic.
  3. songwind

    First batch of hot process - kind of ugly

    I second the suggestion of sodium lactate. Its' a big help in making HP soap that doesn't have many air pockets or places where different clumps of soap are touching but didn't self-adhere.
  4. songwind

    Brambleberry FO sale

    I haven't tried blending mine, because I really like it as is. I think it would go well with vanilla, though. Or maybe tone it down and use some citrus.
  5. songwind

    Digital oil heating devices

    The quickest oil heating method I know of would be the microwave. A crock pot would work, too, but it would have lots of residual heat so there could be some logistical issues if you want to do cold process. Mostly from having to pour from/scrape out a heavy, burning-hot crock.
  6. songwind

    Brambleberry FO sale

    I really like the Frankincense & Myrrh Cybilla, Cucumber Melon Cybilla, and Green Tea. I think I'm going to get some of the other "Cybilla" oils to try out during the sale.
  7. songwind

    April SMF Soap Challenge, Hanger Swirl Petra Style

    1. Newbie- Oooooo, this will be harder than it looks. I know because I've tried it with not so stellar results. 2. Dixiedragon (gulp) 3. Snappyllama (if only mine can come out half as pretty as the example, I'll be one pleased petunia) 4. Saponista- I can't wait to have a go at this! 5...
  8. songwind

    Soap curing

    shunt2011 makes a good point - As far as aging and soap desirability, you have a point where the lack of scent can overcome the improvement due to aging. I know that a decent part of my enjoyment of handmade soaps are the unique fragrances, so losing those is a strike against it.
  9. songwind

    Soapcalc's memory

    I use a binder, too, with plastic sheet protectors in case of spills or splatters. I design and store my recipes in SoapMaker, but it's mostly paper for the work room. Though now I have a tablet/2-in-1 that will run SoapMaker, so I might take it in there with me sometimes.
  10. songwind

    Browsing soap pics

    Looks like a candy bar or maybe a Li'l Debbie snack cake!
  11. songwind

    I want it to be purple, grrr

    This is probably due to the fact that many soaps (and EOs) are yellowish. Since purple and yellow are complementary, the yellow undertones take the saturation of the purple down a bit.
  12. songwind

    My new air-cooled curing rack

    Seems like a perfectly reasonable motivation to me. :)
  13. songwind

    My new air-cooled curing rack

    Why the on/off cycle? I mean, PC fans neither take a ton of power nor are they prone to failure due to sustained spinning. (I have some that have been spinning non-stop for going on 4 years.) Is there a reason the soap needs to not have the air circulating part of the time?
  14. songwind

    Frothing Soap

    I think I'd do a CP beer soap, then froth up some MP and pour on the top once the CP has solidified.
  15. songwind

    SMF March Challenge- Whipped Soap

    Will he be Fat Elvis or Young Elvis?
  16. songwind

    Testing Vinegar/Sodium Acetate In Soap - Phase II

    Do you have any plans/ability to compare the hardness of sodium acetate and sodium lactate soaps?
  17. songwind

    Traveling funnel pour

    That looks like it could be really useful for things like that. Or drop swirls, or anything that involves laying down a straight line. Darn it, now I want one.
  18. songwind

    Browsing soap pics

    That looks really sharp. And that way the pretty design part lasts until the soap's gone. That's the only problem I have with the pretty outside/monochrome inside design.
  19. songwind

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Nice Irish Flag for St Paddy's week! I really like how your layers of color came out.
  20. songwind

    Protecting your laptop in your soap room

    I do something similar to the hanger, but I just use clothes pins to hang sheets from my wire shelf.