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  1. MaitriBB

    Do your own website or hire someone?

    I do my own via Wordpress, hosted by Arvixe. I use WooCommerce for the shop feature. I also just started doing freelance soapmaking websites via Wordpress/WooCommerce and am building one for a local soapmaker in my area. I charge $15/hour and it would take approximately 2 hours to set you up...
  2. MaitriBB

    My soaps for the next BB swap

    Beautiful! I'm still waiting for BB to mail out my fragrance - they didn't get my initial email on the 8th saying that I wanted to participate, so I didn't buy the FO until last Wednesday.
  3. MaitriBB

    A planer and bevelor

    Love my planer/beveler! I got the one from Etsy also. I'm saving all of my shreds in a bucket (we all have plenty of leftover empty buckets amirite) and when it's full I'm going to HP it and send the resulting bars to Clean the World.
  4. MaitriBB

    Peacock Swirl Fail!

    Aw bummer! I'm sure it will still be pretty :)
  5. MaitriBB

    Dollar Tree Finds

    Yeah I recommend HDPE for anything that will be holding lye solution or raw soap. I use two HDPE liter containers that I got at Home Depot for $1 each to mix my lye solution, and a plain ol' $5 bucket, also from HD, for mixing the soap.
  6. MaitriBB

    Drama Drama Drama

    Ugh, I started out on that forum also and they quickly chased me off.
  7. MaitriBB

    My needle felted dragon

    Aw you guys are so sweet :) I bought the wool batting for this project from Felt Alive, but that is needle felting wool, not necessarily for wet felting.
  8. MaitriBB

    Some recent ones from me

    The yellow specks are ground papaya leaf, which I've started adding to every batch as an exfoliant. The topping is dried jasmine buds.
  9. MaitriBB

    Best selling scents

    Eucalyptus Spearmint, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Pumpkin Chai, White Tea & Ginger, Patchouli
  10. MaitriBB

    My needle felted dragon

    Thanks all :)
  11. MaitriBB

    My needle felted dragon

    Final dragon...
  12. MaitriBB

    My needle felted dragon

    This was my first ever 3d sculpture from scratch. Previous to this I've only ever felted soap. There are some things I'd do differently. I tried to build an armature but the wire wasn't the right kind. Next time I will get the right wire and make the armature. It was a great learning experience...
  13. MaitriBB

    Needle felting!

    I just wrap the roving around and use a multi-needle tool to lightly attach it, then once the soap is all covered in roving I felt it all over until it's a complete piece. You can feel the felt "take hold" much like when you wet felt it.
  14. MaitriBB

    Needle felting!

    Here's some of mine: I just don't like standing over a sink doing the wet felting. Also I use wisps of roving that are difficult to get full coverage on the soap. And, probably most importantly, it's something that I can do while watching TV or sitting...
  15. MaitriBB

    Your Top 5 Favorite Scents for CP

    Agreed. That one always sells out for me. Also: WSP's OMH WSP's White Tea & Ginger BB's Cranberry Fig
  16. MaitriBB

    gun oil fragrance?

    I made a soap for my husband last year with their gunpowder fragrance and he said it was nice but not really gun-ny. I still have some of it. Would you like a sniffer? I'm happy to mail one, just PM me your address.
  17. MaitriBB

    Ostrich Oil Co-Op

    I use the $5.15 small flat rate box all the time and my lotion jar distorts the lid, but if I tape down all sides it's only slightly enlarged, and USPS takes it.
  18. MaitriBB

    Some recent ones from me

    I'm in restocking mode right now, the first 2 are restocks of my most popular fragrances. OMH Pumpkin Chai and then a new scent, mostly jasmine with hints of tangerine & cherry, my own blend.
  19. MaitriBB

    Starting CP soon. Any tips?

    My top piece of advice is regarding fragrance: FO's (fragrance oils) should have a manufacturer's suggested usage rate. Check the website where you bought the FO. Don't go above that usage rate. Using too much fragrance can cause allergic reactions or even burn the skin of people who use the...
  20. MaitriBB

    I've always had problems with milk.....

    I soap at room temp, so I need hot lye solution to melt my hard oils, and therefore I can't use frozen milk. I put powdered goat's milk in at trace, and that works for me.