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  1. Vgurer

    Gardenia essential oil

    I am not a chemist, But i did a google search and found that most of the gardenia EO consists of e-ocimene, linalool and methyl benzoate. linalool + naoh has been defined as a strong antifungal drug. Meanwhile, methyl benzoate + naoh will give you sodium benzoate (hardening effect on soap) and...
  2. Vgurer

    Gardenia essential oil

    My suggestion is; since the tahitian gardenia (tiare) enfleured in coconut oil has an apellation controllé, MONOI OIL, I think that you can easily use the precious EO and combine this with the coconut oil while it is still liquid but cold, creating an interpretation of monoi oil. prepare your...
  3. Vgurer

    Forgot to add one oil to cp, rebaching?

    The opposite happened to me, I dissolved the mica in olive oil and noted the olive I used, I added some glycerin and the fragrance, readied to mix it after! the trace, but then, I forgot to deduct the amount of the oil I used. the whole oil values were already mixed with hard butters, so I used...
  4. Vgurer

    Using SoapCalc

    yes, please. I transfer myself to calculator, not so bad for now. I'm afraid from now on, for the sake of comparison I will look for other sources, every time I try a different recipe
  5. Vgurer


    I was thinking that this one is weaker than SARS or MERS, but I read some where that there will be around million people globally infected and it is also expected that around 30K people will die because of that virus. The only good outcome is that people will have to wash their hands and face...
  6. Vgurer

    Planning a fat free milk powder soap, any advice?

    Thanks for all the input by fellow friends, Here is the brief resumé of what I did: First I skipped the oat flour usage. too complicated. I wrapped the insides of the mold with beeswax foundation, put it in the fridge for 1 hour, I put a tbsp of honey in a jar and put it on top of low heat, then...
  7. Vgurer

    Essential oils price

    I keep my precious EOs for myself, I first mix them with 0.5 gr of silicon oxide (for 10gr of EO), hoping that this will lengthen the CP period. I am reading whatever I find on micro or nano encapsulation. So far, my pure lavendula angustifolio essential oil from southern france dissapeared...
  8. Vgurer

    Planning a fat free milk powder soap, any advice?

    I am planning to experiment a milk and honey soap with oat flour. (%55 or 60 olive oil, some castor oil, and some hard oils, coconut, cacao, shea may be) After reading what may happen with the milk. I asked myself a question: what is milk? some particles, fat and water. Since, evaporated zero...
  9. Vgurer

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    tried some colors today
  10. Vgurer

    Tried the corn oil w oat flour & bentonite

    Thank you for the tips. You are right about the huge batch! I feel that I wasted good materials. I only have 2 molds and when I decided to experiment the smaller one was on another experiment:-) [I tried to add some homemade pomegranate jam to a simple soap formula) But, I learned that bentonite...
  11. Vgurer

    Soap making do’s and don’t

    Oh My God! You actually put the NAOH in the oil, without dissolving it first in the water? What was the percentage of everything? did you passed it through soapcalc? Don't even do the zap test, your tongue will be electrified. It is surely caustic and you’ll need to get rid of this batch.
  12. Vgurer

    Tried the corn oil w oat flour & bentonite

    %70corn oil, 20 coconut, 10 palm, totaling 1500gr, 570 gr water w 3 ts salt, 222 gr NAOH. 6 tbsp oatmeal flour, 3 tbsp bentonite. 46gr of honeysuckle & chamomile. some mica puffs on top. I tried a 3 layered approach but failed. Very difficult to dissolve the muddy bentonite, (I put few tbsp of...
  13. Vgurer

    Coffee Soap

    coconut oil fractionated 150gr, cacao butter 30 gr, olive oil 252gr, palm oil 150gr, castor oil 18gr, NAOH 92gr, water 228gr, FO 19gr, 1 ts salt, 2 ts ground used coffee fm nesspresso capsules. I dissolved the salt in water, than the lye, the oils and the lye solution was 45 degree celsius...
  14. Vgurer

    CP traced fast and crumbled

    Coconut soap w stearic acid results. From dirty white to a pinkish brown, not so bad.
  15. Vgurer

    CP traced fast and crumbled

    I am new to this, but today I tried a CP coconut soap, 400gr olive oil, 200gr stearic acid (I was out of palm oil so I used this one) 100 gr coconut oil fractionated. plus 246 gr water (and I prepared a fragrance part to be added 20gr of dried coconut grind to 20 gr of soap fragrance, and 20 gr...
  16. Vgurer

    Help getting a scent to stick in CP soap

    Thank you for those advices, I was wondering to learn the possibility to use kieselsol (slicon dioxide) instead of bentonite? especially in CP.
  17. Vgurer

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    I was wondering about the possible harmfull interactions between the alcohol and NaOH, and/or between the alcohol, the heat and the oils all together. At the end, there are lots of C molecules and some H2O in the aftershaves. Some oils can dissolve in alcohol and heat will change a lot of factors.
  18. Vgurer

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Thank you for the advice. I will pour it in glass or wooden jars next time. The aluminum gave them a "cheap" feel. I gave the samples to my test group :) ie friends, they all liked it. I am using it myself for sometime now, very good lather, above my expectations and I want that heavy thick...
  19. Vgurer

    My first shaving soap is a success!

    Hi, I am new to this, but tried the formula anyway; 4.69 oz distilled water + 2.59 oz KOH, I dissolved 5.58 oz stearic acid, and 5.15 oz coconut oil, I added 1.07 oz of castor oil to the melted solution, add the KOH solution stir vigorously and after 10 or 15 minutes it settled. I cooked for...