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  1. AMyers

    Goat milk question

    Not exactly sure where to put this, but since it's probably something people more experienced with goat milk would know, I'll put it in beginners. I have been using goat milk provided by a friend for my goat milk soaps. She freezes it immediately, so I get it frozen, chisel off what I need...
  2. AMyers

    Swimmer Soap

    OK, so I've searched this forum, and even attempted Google, my I am search impaired. I'd like to make soaps for my daughter's swimming coaches, and wonder if there is something specific that would be useful for swimmers? A formula, or an EO that helps with chlorine damaged skin? Or if I just...
  3. AMyers

    Gel comparison

    This soap heated up so fast! I thought I'd get a quick comparison of the soap as it's gelling along side the same soap (leftovers) poured into an individual mold, not gelling. Fun, hey? It's supposed to be a 5 lb mold, but the lid won't fit with 5 lb in the mold! Oops on that one, I'll...
  4. AMyers

    lemon: eo vs. fo

    So I have had a friend request a lemon lavender blend. I have read quite a bit about citrus smells from eo not really sticking, and wonder what's the best option for this soap. If I blend the two eos will that help the lemon stick, or would I be better off going with a fo? Any advice, oh wise...
  5. AMyers

    My latest, first ITP swirl

    So I went about it "Backward" and started with combed swirls, then went back to ITP. Hehe. This is my (so far) favorite recipe, goat's milk and all. I guess I need to add some TD to keep it whiter. It was so nice and white when I poured, and even when I unmolded, but has browned a bit...
  6. AMyers

    Help me save/use this batch

    OK, I made a batch of soap a while ago, it wasn't a complete disaster, but it definitely isn't right. I am 99.9% sure this one was too much oil: it was a 1lb batch, and I used extra oil to mix the activated charcoal. It turned out soft. Weeks later, it is still moldable, like clay (not...
  7. AMyers

    My second swirl attempt

    Pretty proud of this one! Excuse the lights reflecting, it gets dark so early these days! I just covered/wrapped this one. I didn't like the pebble texture of my last one, so I'm not spraying alcohol on the top. We'll see if I have a soda ash problem or not.
  8. AMyers


    Here's the beer soap from the other day (with foam that's my goat's milk soap.) I haven't cut it yet. I'm trying to give it some time. I think I get too excited and cut too early. We'll see! I think it turned out pretty cool. I sure hope the ammonia smell dissipates with the cure though.
  9. AMyers

    weird sniffy question

    So, I tend to have a sensitive nose. But I wonder if anyone else notices this. Is it possible that I can smell the chemical reaction? It seems like there is a distinct moment when the smell changes as I am stick blending the lye/oils. It hits me, and at this point, I no longer see the oil...
  10. AMyers

    My first post in this forum!

    This was my attempt at a swirl I ran across (while looking for something else HA! But I have what I call Crafter's ADD) Used a recipe I've had success with (but I made the first with goats milk, this one without) I'm pretty sure this one gelled, since I watched it pretty closely for the...
  11. AMyers

    questions about slow trace recipe

    Is a slow to trace recipe also a slow to cure recipe? As in, I wanted to try a swirl, so I chose a recipe that was "slow to trace", ran it through a lye calculator, made it up, and a week later, unmolded it to find it was still so soft I was leaving dents from my fingers. :confused: I...