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  1. Zen Pretzel

    I Messed Up - Learn From Me

    A couple days ago, I made an error while soapmaking. I've been experimenting with mica powders and swirling techniques my last few batches. Using my usual soap recipe, I split my batch and added the coloring. I was more than halfway through pouring the soap into my mold when I realized that I...
  2. Zen Pretzel

    First Time Salt Bar

    Hello I tried making a salt bar for the first time today. The breakdown is as follows: 380g distilled water 144g lye 800g coconut oil 150g olive oil 50g castor oil 800g various salts (mix of pink Himalaya, Celtic sea salt, and kosher salt) No additional fragrances or additives. The soap...
  3. Zen Pretzel

    Hello from Canada

    Hello. I'm Zen Pretzel and I'm new to the world of soapmaking. I attended a beginner workshop a few weeks ago, really enjoyed it and now I'm setting up to make more. I hope to enjoy chatting with everyone here, learning and experimenting with different formulas, making gifts for friends and...