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  1. The Cat Lady

    The B word!!

    Hi there yep - Brexit!!Don't worry I'm not here to discuss politics - but it seems Brexit is going ahead. I am just wondering how it will effect UK soap makers? At the moment our soaps have to undergo a cosmetic safety report and then get registered on the EU portal. At the moment nothing is...
  2. The Cat Lady

    Harp style wire Soap Cutters UK

    Hi there! Soap making is such a process and it can all go pear shaped at any stage of it!!! At the moment it all seems to be going ok and I'm making nice soaps. However right at the end of the whole process - my cutting can get messy and uneven or smudged. I used one of those £20 wooden cutters...
  3. The Cat Lady

    Trying to run before I can walk!!

    Well well well - I think I learnt a lesson the hard way!! I'd only ever made two batches of soap before so thought I would then try and do a Taiwan swirl!! Oh dear!!!!!! Lessons learned include- Do not use cheap fragrances you bought on EBay - Don't stick blend to a thick trace - maybe add the...
  4. The Cat Lady

    First ever soaps from a total novice!

    Hi everyone! So glad I found this forum! I’m new to soap making and am loving learning all about it and reading all your great tips and advice ! This is the first cold process soap I’ve ever made. I made it on Tuesday and cut some of it today. Some of it’s a little soggy still so put it back in...