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  1. Amonik

    Fragrance Oil Ruined By Magnesium?

    Hello everyone! I've made a few sticks of deodorant using a base recipe of 50% magnesium hydroxide, 10% cetyl alcohol, and 40% sunflower oil. The first one was with lavender and frankincense and worked very well. When I used that up, I wanted a rose scented one, and made a full size stick right...
  2. Amonik

    Deodorant with flower water

    I’ve been trying homemade deodorants. Coconut oil + bicarb worked ok most days but some of my tops got grease stains. Coconut oil+ magnesium hydroxide didn’t seem as effective and the grease problem persisted. Third experiment was with rose water and mag. hydroxide. Only tried it for three days...
  3. Amonik

    Handmade Soap by Tatyana Hill

    Let me start with a disclaimer: I read this book translated into Swedish, this may have affected the content. Looks This book is from 1999, and the aesthetic is very 90’s. The soaps are often cut into irregular blocks, and full of chunky botanicals. The instructions are illustrated with clear...
  4. Amonik

    Canola liquid soap for housecleaning?

    I want a soap to use for housecleaning, and the idea was to use 100% canola/rapeseed to keep it local-ish. However, that gave me a ”cleansing” value of 0, so I added some coconut. This is my recipe: My plan is to follow the method DeeAnna describes in this thread...
  5. Amonik

    Experienced beginner in Sweden

    Dear forum, I have been making soap for my family for 10-12 years (really can’t remember) but only fairly plain ones. Now, I find myself with kids who sleep through the night, friends IRL who like to make soap, and lots of inspiration from this forum! I’ve made eight small batches of soap this...
  6. Amonik

    Soap dough embeds

    I just made some soap dough, and am itching to try it for embeds. The plan is to roll ”sticks” out of the dough and lay them lengthwise in my loaf mould, pour a base colour and get spotted soap when I cut the bars. I have some questions for the forum, because I’ve never moved beyond simple...