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  1. Rembetissa

    Mastic / mastiha resin

    Hi, everyone! I searched and found a few threads on which people mentioned trying to make mastic soap. As far as I saw, no one updated with results. Anyone here try it? Would mastic tears or powdered mastic be best? Would you infuse it in oil or include the powder in the soap? Would the soap...
  2. Rembetissa

    Let me see your prettiest rebatch?

    What's the coolest rebatch you've done?
  3. Rembetissa

    Help with a myriad of issues?

    Hi guys :) Here is a picture of some of my recent soaps. I have some questions, and would be grateful if anyone could answer any of them for me. 1. Stearic spots in hot process soaps using coconut oil or cocoa butter. I've read that stirring as the oils cool, soaping hotter, bringing the soap...
  4. Rembetissa

    Newbie :)

    Hi everyone! First time poster. I've learned so much from reading the forums here. I'm a piano teacher in NC who is fairly new (~a year) to soaping, and mostly do plain hot process types. Today I did my first cold process and can't wait to cut it.