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  1. La Bamba

    Reed Diffusers

    Hi everyone I'm about to start making reed diffusers using EOs only, not fragrance oils. I was wondering if anyone else makes them, and if so which base they use, popular blends etc. I can't start yet though because I've been sick off and on for 6 weeks with a flu like virus, and I can't even...
  2. La Bamba

    Yucky colour!

    Hi everyone I made some garden mint CP soap this morning. The recipe called for mint leaves to be steeped in hot water for 30 mins. All is fine and dandy until I add the lye to the water which promptly when a rich chestnut colour. (I'm trying to make it sound aesthetically pleasing; trust me...
  3. La Bamba

    Option paralysis!

    Is it just me? I have so many ideas about which soaps to make that I just keep looking at my recipes and don’t know where to start! I don’t want to use palm oil, or tallow, and so many of the recipes I like the idea of have these in them. I’m not experienced enough to go off piste just yet! Will...
  4. La Bamba

    Well hello to you too!

    Hi everyone I found this forum while researching ideas for hand made cosmetics for which there is a growing market in the UK. I'm looking forward to being able to bring something of value to the party but right now I'm reading, reading, reading, to learn as much as I can from the very talented...
  5. La Bamba

    fixing eo in solid perfume balm

    Hi everyone Please accept my apologies in advance; I'm sure this has been asked before but I searched and couldn't really find an answer! I'm in the process of perfecting a sold perfume formula - the initial recipe is too hard at the moment. I 'll change the ratio of wax to oil in future. I'm...