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  1. Kosmerta

    SAP for Vitamin e-oil?

    I was making soap 2 days ago and accidentally useded vitamin e oil to mix with my micas. I meant to add sweet almond, but the bottles looked similar and I didn't realize the vitamin e-oil was even in my soap room. After adding 2 TBS I realized my "sweet almond" oil was much thicker than usual...
  2. Kosmerta

    Using perfume to fragrance CP

    Has anyone ever tried using perfume as a fragrance for CP soaps? Does it work?
  3. Kosmerta

    Do I need to add a preservative to Chamomile Castile face cleanser?

    I saw a recipe for a chamomile castile facewash on pinterest and it gave me an idea. I made a batch of castile bars 2 months ago and my idea is to dissolve some shredded soap into chamomile tea since I've never made liquid soap. This would only be for personal use, not for selling or giving...
  4. Kosmerta

    Is it possible to mix rebatch into cp or hp during the saponification process?

    The title says it all. As i mentioned in the essential oils forum last week, ( i ruined a batch of oils by pouring rancid EO into the mix. I did not add any lye, and the soaping oils mixed with the rancid EO are sitting in...
  5. Kosmerta

    Oatmeal Milk and Honey

    I've just had someone ask for 50 bars of Oatmeal Milk and Honey scented soap. So far I've been using Brambleberry's FO and I really like! I gave my entire family soaps fragranced with this for Christmas and most people like the smells although 3/10 told me they did not like it. Can anyone who...
  6. Kosmerta

    Blend to cover Stinky EO

    I'm going to start by admitting I made two big mistakes to get myself into this mess. I looooove the smell of spearmint, and since I already had all my soap supplies out from making my book challenge soap, I decided to squeeze in a quick spearmint soap. I made my lye, and melted my hard oils...
  7. Kosmerta

    ISO Lavender Tea Tree EO blend recipe

    Just for fun I was opening the lids of my EO bottles and holding multiple to my nose at a time to try different combinations. I found I really like Lavender and Tea Tree together and I want to make a blend to use in a soap. Does anyone know what ratio I should use of each for a blend? Also how...
  8. Kosmerta

    Salt mixed into melt and pour to look like crystals?

    I am making crystal shaped purple imbeds to look like amathyst and I had the thought, natural amathyst doesnt grow in single spire-like crystals, it grows in rough clusters with some tips poking out. To create a rough crystal cluster around the long crystal imbedds I've made, I had the idea to...
  9. Kosmerta

    Is it possible to work with fragrance discoloration

    I have the Warm Flannel fragrance oil from Bramble Berry and it smells wonderful. It is noted on the website as having a dark brown discoloration in cold process. I actually want my soap to be a rustic brown- red because that is what I think of when I think of flannel. I have Dark Red Brazilian...
  10. Kosmerta

    Lumpy Oat milk lye solution

    6 weeks ago before I found this forum I tried making soap with oat milk as a water replacement. This was the first time I ever used a non water liquid in my soap making. I made oat milk at home by blending 1/4 cup plain steel cut oats with 1 cup distilled water, then I allowed it to sit for 1...