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  1. nvn8v73

    I got a ? about FO from BB

    I received 2 free bottles of Cucumber Garden when I made my 1st purchase from BB, they were the grab bags so I didn't know what I was getting. I personally do not like foody scents and due to some food scents making my stomach turn:(. I haven't opened the bottles to smell them and wondering if...
  2. nvn8v73

    Mr. Bubbles FO??

    I was thinking the other day of a FO that I would love to have that no one else has and was wondering if anyone has ever found a FO that was a duplicate of Mr bubbles scent? I think it would be awesome for a bar of soap for my personal use.
  3. nvn8v73

    Is there such thing as too much colorant??

    Made (my first) 16oz batch of bastile CP soap and spilled a lot of mica (first time using micas) into the batch at least more than I wanted finished it and wrapped it up and am now waiting how the mica is going to effect the soap. ~**So I'm curious if anyone can help me or let me know it will...
  4. nvn8v73

    My first attempt at HP

    I made my first batch of HP soap on Friday night I haven't touched them yet waiting a week but they are unscented and from what few oils I have collected so far, coconut, olive, almond, jojoba and hemp oil. I couldn't believe it actually works!! Can't wait till I get my orders of the other oils...
  5. nvn8v73

    Hello from this Newbie in OR

    Newbie to the soaping world, been thinking about it and kicking around the idea for a couple of yrs now and finally have been doing research for the last few months in my free time. Currently have bought a few books and watching the how to videos on youtube, which was so confusing at first. But...