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    Can someone help me out here?

    Was making a batch of brine bars and scented with cedarwood and ylang ylang. As soon as I added the essential oils (at light trace) there appeared white spots. I stirred quickly and poured the first bar (not a success) so I began labelling out the rest. Before I finished pedalling the mix was a...
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    Brine bar stuff up

    I was making a brine bar with between 20%-25% salt. When it reached trace I added essential oils at 3 percent. Made the mistake of using g blender to mix in and the soap went really thick and I could not pour it. I tried spooning in the mixture and pressing down to eliminate bubbles and hoped it...
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    Fixing a mistake - clarification request

    Hi there, I was making a laundry soap using Jan Berry's pure coconut recipe, with a small change. Unfortunately, I used the wrong lye. As it has the purpose of laundry use, I can't use it as is, so my plan is the following. I am wanting to know if my thought process and calculations are right (I...