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  1. Serene

    Editing and privacy

    So I am trying to give this a try by posting my favorite Soap Dough Recipe. I am trying to edit the tittle but it is not working. When I go back the title of the post is still the same. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a waiting period before the edits show? Is there a way to not...
  2. Serene

    The Experiments will continue until the soap dough improves.

    Moving on to more complicated patterns this week. The process is slow because as I have learned, aging the dough, and allowing it to harden to the right stage is key. These canes were cut without the need for alcohol on the blade. They came off as easily as if they were polymer. I am not...
  3. Serene

    On a more traditional note...

    Testing some colors
  4. Serene

    Soap Dough and Caning with it.

    Here is my latest experiment trying to cane with Soap Dough. Cold process core and soap dough
  5. Serene

    "Taking your Soap obsession a bit too far!"

    So I download this book from Kindle unlimited and I see this recipe called "Mommy and Me". My brain is going oh great, a recipe for babies! So I start reading the ingredients as I am getting ready to put it in Soapcalc which is what I have been doing with every single recipe I find on the...
  6. Serene

    Oil Differences and what do you use?

    Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the final product from using any of these? I was getting ready to place an order and was faced with the following choices: Palm Oil - Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil, ORGANIC, Unrefined *RED* RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil, Refined Organic...