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  1. LionLady

    Hi! I never introduced myself.

    I'm Pam, from Central Virigina (transplant from Baltimore, MD). I began soaping a couple years ago with mixed success. I started soaping with the specific goal of making shampoo bars. I was active on Mystic Mountain Sage forum - I see that that is gone, and only the online store and blog...
  2. LionLady


    Don't see the word in the 'glossary' thread. I'm guessing that it means hot process?
  3. LionLady

    Is there a shampoo bar thread? ... and, regarding conditioner bars

    Okay. Please move this if there's a better place for it. I was on vacation for a week and a half, then have worked 7 days in a row after coming back. Just finally getting back to my normal routine. I started making soap in order to make shampoo bars for my short, fine, straight hair. For...
  4. LionLady

    Rebatching partially gelled CP Soap?

    You've all be so helpful! I unmolded my Aleppo soap the day before yesterday. I saw signs that it had partially gelled, but didn't have time to investigate. Today I had a better look and I'm not pleased. The bars are chalky on the outside and a deeper green in the middle. I used 80% olive oil...
  5. LionLady

    Well, two pictures anyway...

    Thank you for all your help and advice! I'm about to go down to my craft space and start my first attempt at Aleppo Soap. I need to stop making oohing and ahhing noises and pick up my phone and take more pictures! In the curing process: Salt bars (pink), A lanolin heavy shaving bar, and a...
  6. LionLady

    How much Rosemary oleoresin?

    Okay. I've got some hemp oil I'd like to use in the next batch of soap. I was reading that it is a short lived oil, and that rosemary oleoresin should be added to prevent rancidity. Thought it was added to the soap, but further investigation says add it to your oil when you open it. How much do...
  7. LionLady

    Help re castor oil

    Hey. New member here. I'm down in my craft room and making a couple batches of soap. I don't have enough castor oil for the Basic Brine Soap recipe I want to make next., and I've already made two trips out for ingredients. The idea of adding sugar to the lye water for lather is intriguing. Can...