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  1. Misschief

    Red or White?

    I decided that, since we live in the Okanagan, which is wine country, I'd make some Okanagan themed soaps. I've made beer soap before, using a local beer so this was a natural progression. Here are my two wine soaps, red (Merlot Madness, scented with Merlot FO and White Wine Whimsy scented with...
  2. Misschief

    Merlot Madness Soap

    I've been planning this soap for months but just got around to making it this morning. I used red wine (merlot blend) for my liquid and it's fragranced with Candora's Merlot FO (A blend of the rich sweetness of cherry and crisp plum. ) I had planned on adding a green drop swirl to represent...
  3. Misschief

    Kid's Soap

    I used Zany's No Slime Castile recipe to make a batch of kid's soap. I've been wanting to use this mold for a while. I used no colourant and they're scented with Dark Fruit FO.
  4. Misschief

    Calling all Sourdough Bakers

    I was listening to CBC radio this morning (the Current) and one of the topics was sourdough bread. The interviewee was talking about a Sourdough Science Project. It was a fascinating interview (link included, skip to about the 42 minute mark of Part 2). I decided to join in; I already have a 3...
  5. Misschief

    Have you ever....

    .... lost a full batch of soap in your own house? I made a batch of gardener's hand soap in January and I can't find it. I have no idea where I put it. I know I wanted to put it in a safe place but, sheesh, there's safe and there's safe. I live in a small place, a 2 bedroom suite. And I can't...
  6. Misschief

    Finally.. Black Tie Marble Soap

    I made this soap on Sunday, using the heat transfer method for the first time. I used a recipe that I've made many times and, this time, it took forever to get hard enough to cut. Because the recipe is more hard oils than liquid, I can usually cut in about 18 hours. This time, it was a full two...
  7. Misschief


    A friend invited a few of us to a Mexican themed dinner. When I asked what we could bring, she suggested Margaritas but my husband nixed that idea; the weather here is just too cold for Margaritas (in his opinion). We conferred and decided to bring homemade churros. One of the other ladies...
  8. Misschief

    Just a Little Bit Excited

    My mother sent each of us kids (6 of us) a monetary gift and, after conferring with my husband, we decided I could spend it on my little soap company. There are a couple of things I've been lusting after but couldn't justify. Well, today my KD-8000 scale arrived and later this week, I'll be the...
  9. Misschief

    Market Table Signage

    I've been looking at my table signage (price signs) and reading some marketing books/articles. One of the things that I read over and over is that everything should be consistent with your image. To that end, I've decided to upgrade from handwritten chalkboard signs to printed signage. The next...
  10. Misschief


    As many of you know, I work in a print shop. Yesterday, a gentleman came in, one who had been a customer before our shop relocated. He'd sold his business and was now in a new career, working with an association that deals with mentally and handicapped people. When he gave me his card, I...
  11. Misschief

    Looking for Input - Spa Day in a Jar

    If someone offered you a Spa Day in a Jar, what would you expect to find in that jar (or container of any kind)? I'm thinking of putting something together for next year's markets and I'm just not sure what to add.
  12. Misschief

    Looking for my Prince Charming

    I have a customer request for a particular fragrance. She absolutely loves Lush's Prince Charming. I'm unfamiliar with it. Does anyone know of a dupe for Prince Charming?
  13. Misschief

    Another Lotion Bar Thread

    I had a yarn store owner ask me if I make lotion bars. Her normal supplier is too busy and no longer makes them so she's looking for another source. I've made them in the past but it's been a long time. I'm playing with recipes to find one that I really like. I'll take any advice I can get but...
  14. Misschief

    Pork Belly

    Ok, pork belly isn't something that has been in my food history. I've heard of it, of course. I've heard of it in reference to Southern cooking and Asian cooking but I'm certainly not familiar with it. While at Costco yesterday, I came across pork belly and decided to try it. Pinterest is...
  15. Misschief

    Weekend Results

    My next market is not until Sept 29 due to installation of a new water system in the area where the market is held so I have time to make soap for the fall and Christmas markets. I usually make 1000 gram batches but a few soaps call for larger batches (2000 grams). These were first on my list...
  16. Misschief

    Getting Ready for Halloween

    I finally made some soap today, along with a couple other things. This one is scented with Dragon's Blood. I also used up a few of the little ghosts I made in the fall.
  17. Misschief

    A Few Pics from Today's Market

    Our usual market location is inaccessible this week due to the city upgrading the water system in that part of town so our market organizers partnered with a heritage/museum site (Father Pandosy Mission) for today. What an amazing site for a market! Everyone was enthusiastic, the weather was...
  18. Misschief

    Bath & Body Play Time!

    A while back, I made a batch of Foaming Bath Butter base and another batch of Buttercream Bubble Bath base (both DIY Bath & Body recipes). They've been languishing on a shelf in my spare room since making them. Today, I decided to play with them. The yellow and blue one is the Buttercream...
  19. Misschief

    Alligator Pie, Alligator Pie, If I don't get some........

    Now that I have that song burned into your ears... When my daughter moved, she cleaned out her freezer and gifted me with a few things, including about 1/2 lb. of alligator meat. I've never had alligator meat. Alligators do not live around here. What do I do with it?
  20. Misschief

    Charcoal & Lavender

    We're definitely nowhere near 100% better around here (I'm on the mend, now DH has it) but I HAD to do something soapy or go crazy this past weekend. I've been meaning to make a charcoal soap as I have none left from the last batch. I'm really happy with this one. The lather is a little bit on...