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  1. DeeAnna

    Customers asking for discounts -- need to vent

    I need to talk about something I find especially frustrating as the owner of a small business. I'd love it if y'all would just go "um hum..." and nod your heads from time to time as I vent. :rolleyes: After sending this message, I plan to go back to my job with a better attitude and a clearer...
  2. DeeAnna

    Boomsilk moisturizer dupe

    I keep getting these ads on my Facebook feed for Boom products by Cindy Joseph. The ads target women of a certain age, and I suppose I fit the demographics regardless of how I feel about that fact. When I first looked at the Boom website a month or so ago, I was tempted to buy their...
  3. DeeAnna

    Egg soap

    There's an old thread that got some response recently -- -- and I thought I'd share an article I wrote about egg soap. Here tis -- Whole eggs, egg yolks, and especially egg whites have been added to soap for at least 100 years. The...
  4. DeeAnna

    Tisserand essential oil dilution chart and safety guidelines

    Here's a useful resource on Robert Tisserand's website -- Be sure to download or print the handy Dilution Chart. This chart converts the % dilution into the number of drops of EO needed in a given volume of base product, such as a...
  5. DeeAnna

    Suggestion - Add link in primary navigation to see list of Admins

    It can be difficult for people, newcomers especially, to find the list of current Admins. My suggestion -- please add a quick link to the Admins in the drop down list under the Members menu. Yes, I know when you click on Members, you're taken to a list of "Notable members" and there's a button...
  6. DeeAnna

    Calling all amateur soap chemists -- Disodium EDTA experiment

    Short version: Would people who have Disodium EDTA (I really do mean Disodium, not Tetrasodium!) do me a favor -- would you please try to dissolve Di EDTA in the lye solution you use for your next soap batch and report back? Some questions I have for you -- Does the Di EDTA dissolve easily in...
  7. DeeAnna

    Lip Balm need advice !

    The stronger odor and dark color of the beeswax most likely means you are using wax that has been mostly harvested from brood comb (the comb that bees raise babies in). Wax from brood comb is not something you want to use in lip balm, in my opinion. If you want wax that smells better and is...
  8. DeeAnna

    Gel air freshener -- is it worthwhile to make?

    I was reading a "cozy mystery" novel recently that had several recipes for food and craft items mentioned in the story. The novel had a recipe for a gel air freshener the heroine made from gelatine dissolved in water, scented with essential oils, and tinted with food coloring. In looking on the...
  9. DeeAnna

    Growing aloe...

    So I live in Iowa, USA, where the climate is too cold to grow aloe as an outdoor plant. I have several potted aloe plants, but the leaves are small. It would be difficult to harvest larger amounts of gel from these plants to get enough to make a decent batch of soap or other aloe-based product...
  10. DeeAnna

    Embossed rolling pins

    There has to be some way to pervert this into a soap making tool....
  11. DeeAnna

    Crocheted water balloons

    School is out or almost out in most parts of the US, and many parents are going to be looking for ways to keep their kids busy and engaged. I stumbled across a quick project for crocheters that appealed to my funny bone -- crocheted water balloons. They are basically a pouch made with bulky yarn...
  12. DeeAnna

    Adding oxalic acid to soap -- good idea?

    A person recently contacted me and wanted to know how much extra NaOH was needed to neutralize oxalic acid. Her idea was to add oxalic acid to a soap batch, just like people add citric acid, vinegar, etc. I didn't answer her question directly because I haven't done the calculations to find the...
  13. DeeAnna

    Swift Crafty Monkey new website & blog

    Susan of SwiftCraftyMonkey announced today that she has a new website and she is moving her blog there: Here's her announcement:
  14. DeeAnna

    Guidelines for EO dilution; warning about Cassia & Cinnamon Bark EOs

    Using essential oils (EOs) neat on the skin seems to be a growing practice in the general public. ("Neat" means not diluted) There are more and more reports of serious reactions to this practice, however. Reputable sources recommend diluting EOs before using them on the skin, but the dilution...
  15. DeeAnna

    EO dilution rates for children

    Here are guidelines for EO dilution rates that are focused on children. The information comes from The Tisserand Institute, a reputable source of information about essential oils. Please be aware this info-graphic gives general guidelines for EOs that are "GRAS" (generally recognized as...
  16. DeeAnna

    Reliable sources of essential oil info

    Here is an article that provides four sources of reliable, accurate online information about essential oils: In a nutshell, the four sources are -- Aromaweb, American Botanical Council...
  17. DeeAnna

    Troubleshooting help -- 100% tallow soap with heavy foam layer

    A person asked me for help with a problem and I don't have any answers for him. He is an experienced soap maker. He is making a 100% tallow soap as a charity project using a donated commercial tallow meant for deep fat frying -- not an ingredient he has used before. One of the 3 batches he's...
  18. DeeAnna

    Asking for ideas for a bold swirl technique

    I have been trying different types of decorative soap swirls in the past year or two, and have gotten reasonably good at my hanger swirls (Irish Lass' Ione Swirl), pencil lines, various in-the-pot swirls, and such. I tried the "cell pour" technique in a recent SMF challenge and that went...
  19. DeeAnna

    Trivia about Aroma Haven / Rustic Escentuals

    I've been wondering why Rustic Escentuals is not just Rustic Escentuals -- it's usually Aroma Haven / Rustic Escentuals or AHRE. Did it change its name awhile back? If so, does anyone know what year?
  20. DeeAnna

    SMF Fragrance Oil Review -- help make a list of supplier info!

    I need some help, y'all. I would like to add a page to the FO Review that gives contact info for the various suppliers. I'm hoping you will help me out by adding the website URL, phone, city, state/province, and country info to one or a few of the suppliers listed below. If there is a minimum...