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  1. KiwiMoose

    A pretty design for accelerating FOs?

    Hi All, I make a yummy smelling Daphne and Ylang Ylang soap. After having made it for the fifth time I finally have to declare defeat. Every time I try to do a pretty or delicate swirl it just ends up as a non event because the batter is too thick. Does anyone have any suggestions for what...
  2. KiwiMoose

    Coconut Berry Blizzard

    This puppy had to cure over at my sister-in-law's house while it waited for us to move house. Finally got to take some 'posh' photos of it today.
  3. KiwiMoose

    Coconut Cream Epiphany

    I use coconut cream a lot in my soap. But it just occurred to me that, by using the split method, I am accounting for a portion of the cream as part of my fats, and the other portion as part of my water content. SO am I not just adding, essentially, more coconut oil to my batch? Essentially...
  4. KiwiMoose

    Peaches 'n' Berries

    Made this one a few weeks back - scented with peach Nectar and a couple of random berry type fragrances i had to use up. The mottled effect is due to the oat milk I used.
  5. KiwiMoose

    Grrrrrr - Naughty Soap!

    So this is the third batch of soap that I've had 'go off'. I guess in a year and a half of soaping that's not too bad, but it doesn't make it any less annoying when it happens. This one is probably the quickest to make its intentions known - at just 7 weeks old. I've been wracking my brain...
  6. KiwiMoose

    Lockdown Soaping Shenanigans

    Oh dear. I didn't have enough lye left to make a batch. All the shops are still closed for the lockdown so I couldn't just nip out and buy some like I usually do. SO I resized my recipe to use the lye the I had. So I measured out my hard oils and started melting them, and then measured out my...
  7. KiwiMoose

    Lockdown Latherings

    Three new soaps to present to y'all today. The first is Blue Iris - scented with, you guessed it, Blue Iris The next one is Seashore - scented with Ocean Breeze The last is only just cut today - scented with discolouring Alyssum in the bottom layer and Palmarosa, Sweet Orange and Patchouli in...
  8. KiwiMoose

    Troubleshooting 'icky' soap 10 months old

    I made a soap last July, that by December had lost its scent. By January it had discoloured in the white portions to a caramel-brown colour and smelt a bit oily. Like cooking oil kinda smell. I've kept the remaining bars and today I noticed they were all 'sweaty' and oily on the surface. It...
  9. KiwiMoose

    Blackberry and Bay

    Colours are a bit dull - but the fragrance is suitable for men too, so it doesn't need to be too pretty.
  10. KiwiMoose

    Special Lockdown Edition...

    ..of my Oatmilk, Oatmeal and Flaxseed Soap ( OMH fragrance)
  11. KiwiMoose

    How much water is 'full water'?

    I always use the 'lye concentration' option in the soap calculators. I usually soap with a 30% lye concentration. The resulting amount of water is what the calculator says it should be. How might I manipulate the amount of water, yet still keep the same lye concentration? Eg: I use 1000g...
  12. KiwiMoose

    Last month's efforts...

    Here we have (in order of appearance): 1. Love Spell 2. Pink Musk ( Patchouli, Anise and Cinnamon EOs) 3. Zany's No-Slime Castile ( Cedarwood and Citrus EOs) Colour staining from the silicone mold 4. Apples and Pears - with apple puree for water content, and Poached Pear and Cinnamon FO
  13. KiwiMoose

    What’s the worst that ricing can do?

    Made a batch of “Ione Swirl’ today. The fragrance caused ricing in the colours, but not in the main white part of the batch. I think due to a bigger ratio of FO to the smaller quantity of coloured batter. Anyway, I proceeded with the batch and I’m worried about what will happen to the batch...
  14. KiwiMoose

    A few new ones..

    Ginger Lily and White Tea Narcissus Lime, Lavender and Ebony
  15. KiwiMoose

    Shave soap questions

    For the life of me I cannot find my thread about my shaving soap trial! So starting a new convo here: I have had a tester write some feedback for me, and essentially I need a more stable lather, and more 'cushioning'. Would more stearic provide both of these qualities? Would KoH provide any...
  16. KiwiMoose

    Some new soap pics

    Got the camera out today. Here we have (in order) - Zany's No-Slime Castile, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Daphne, and my new Gardener's Soap.
  17. KiwiMoose

    Patchouli and Anise?

    All you Patchouli haters can stay out of this convo ;) Anyone tried this combination? I thought it might be quite nice. 3/4 patchouli and 1/4 anise I think sounds about right. Thoughts?
  18. KiwiMoose

    Ocean Breeze

    By Nature's Garden i believe. Very yummy.
  19. KiwiMoose

    New Fig and Rhubarb

    My third time making this FO - it's very popular. I 'washed' these to remove the soda ash from the tops.
  20. KiwiMoose

    Washing off my soda ash?

    Hi there, Some time ago I remember someone saying ( @earlene, @dibbles, @Misschief ?) that I could 'rinse' the soda ash off my soap by bathing in water? Any tips on how to do this? TIA.