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  1. jamal

    Egg soap

    Thank you very much DeeAnna
  2. jamal

    juniper's tar oil

    I have written a detailed explanation of juniper plant. earlene
  3. jamal

    juniper's tar oil

    I used the pine tar number as found in the soap calculator and by 5%. Tar Juniper is common in Iraq, which is a black liquid, light-density similar to black oil, and I think that the specifications I mentioned depend on the quality of manufacture. I will explain something about juniper plant...
  4. jamal

    juniper's tar oil

    greeting . In the soap calculator there is a number for the application of pine tar oil. In our country there is only tar oil, juniper plant. We do not have pine tar oil. How do I calculate the number of oil for the juniper's tar oil?
  5. jamal

    My "secret squirrel" soap

    Great soap. As you say you are a beginner in the soap industry, it is not that your production is wonderful, and indicates your keenness to work perfectly, I wish you more success to you Janelle
  6. jamal


    From Iraq to all with love On the occasion of Easter and New Year holidays Happy New Year
  7. jamal

    question about recipe

    Thank you for this recipe . What was the specifications of soap produced
  8. jamal


    I'm sorry I've misled the expression. I added 30 grams of powdered sulfur to the amount of 1000 grams of oils. So the ratio is 3%. My question is, is adding sulfur powder to the soap mixture to be a hot procedure? Or is it possible to add sulfur powder in the cold procedure possible and does not...
  9. jamal


    Greetings to all. I made soap and I added 30% sulfur powder after trace . in cp . Is this procedure is safe or not? I love making soap in the cp . I ask your advice .