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    Back from the dead

    Thanks guys! Mostly I have not had the time to make anything but I am finally in a spot where I am able to create a workshop. I am in the process of buying new equipment. I lost a lot of stuff in the many moves I have made since the last time I was here. So new wire cutter, new molds, new work...
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    Back from the dead

    Hello guys! I'm alive, I am still making soap. Figure I would stop in and say hello.
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    My holiday soap supply list! What i've gotten and what I am getting!

    So, it's been a little while and figured I would post some of the stuff I have ordered or bought! All somehow soap related! (Or the things I plan to get this season!) My soap area is growing rapidly, so I bought a new table! (No pictures of that one though!) I also ordered another scale...
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    Looking to buy a new crockpot!

    Yeah, it seems to have a warm setting.
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    Looking to buy a new crockpot!

    How about this crockpot? Not too expensive, easy to get. 7 quart crockpot. =D
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    Looking to buy a new crockpot!

    Oh wow, 8 1/2 does 10 lbs worth of soap? I was thinking of making 7-8 lb batches. I wonder, would a 7 quart be able to handle that much? More specifically 112 oz or so?
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    Looking to buy a new crockpot!

    Which crock pots do you have?
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    Looking to buy a new crockpot!

    The one I have now makes about 56 oz of soap. I want to find one where I can remove the insides to clean easier. (Not sure what those are called.) Any suggestions would be helpful. Can be a larger crockpot, but not smaller.:p Thanks in advance!
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    Weird color fail

    Still looks nice.
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    Finally get to use deer tallow

    I would love to know how a 100% comes out. I am so jealous that you have venison!
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    First few attempts at tiger stripe :)

    They look lovely!
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    Better pourerrer thingy for my oil?

    I wonder, where would I get something like that?
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    What do you use to track your sales, expenses, bookkeeping?

    I have not found a system I fully love yet. However, I do keep track of everything through excel sheets. Any sales I do at markets and the such go through paypal here. Mainly because I can keep track of sales from anywhere and enter all my information on my E-sheets whenever I like.
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    Better pourerrer thingy for my oil?

    A pump! What an amazing idea! I should see if I can get one!
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    Better pourerrer thingy for my oil?

    I am not exactly sure how to do that on this. I've actually never had a metal jug like this before.
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    A presto salad shooter rebatch

    Looks wonderful!
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    Better pourerrer thingy for my oil?

    Just got a nice new container of olive oil. Yay! However, what I didn't think about is how I am going to pour out of the container without getting 20 oz all over myself and the table. Does anyone know if there is a 'lip' extension I can use for pouring out of a jug like this? Any ideas? I would...
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    Soap and more soap

    Why thank you.<33333:D
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    Soap and more soap

    Oh I have the same heart molds! I could never figure out the oz per bar though. =P Anyway, your soap looks amazing!
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    My soap supplies haul! [Picture heavy!]

    New olive oil! Much more cost effective too! Found it today and just had to buy it. Just cut down on costs like crazy!